Treat Yourself

It’s been a great week. I finished all the photography for my upcoming cookbook {from Rizzoli, release date October 7th}
We photographed a super fun party…with beautiful food and great recipes…I did all the styling while juicing, not an easy task believe me.
I thought I was going to faint when they broke out the giant jar of Nutella after lunch. But I endured and I am now on day 5. I feel lighter and full of energy.
Today’s juice will be a green power monster. I am meeting up with my darling girlfriend/travel partner Wendy today for a foot massage, juice, and a little chit chat.
Let me know how your juicing is going and share some of your favorite recipes I would LOVE to hear from you. Leave recipes in the comment line I would love to post some of them. Have a wonderful weekend and #happyjuicing

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