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Hi Everyone!

I’m Nicole, Annette’s web-manager and friend. As Annette mentioned earlier this week, we are running a series of posts checking-in on the team to see how everyone is handling shelter in place, and I’m up next.

Beyond helping Annette with her web-happenings, I am a freelance journalist which means that I am used to working from home. In fact, I’ve been working from home for six years next month! That means that my day-to-day work hasn’t changed too drastically which I think has really helped my mental state. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding that the smallest things absolutely exhaust me, and the tiniest bumps in my day can send me spiraling.

Because of that, I’ve implemented a few quarantine practices to help keep things positive:

A wardrobe of “workday” pajamas. Yes, I wear pajamas for working, and yes, I change into “regular” pajamas for bed. I like to say I’m channeling my inner Patricia Altschul/Betty Draper. For total transparency, I *did* start this routine after falling while walking my dog and not being able to wear anything tight on my knees for two weeks, but I very quickly realized it was a good system.

Quarantine earrings. I am a statement earring wearer, so I am wearing fun earrings once a week or so and documenting it on Instagram.

Needlepointing. I have been needlepointing for the past few years, and I honestly have no idea what I would be doing if I did not have that hobby right now. It keeps me busy with my hands; it keeps me off of my computer/phone, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment every time I complete a project. If you are looking to learn, check out this post about getting started!


Herb gardening. Okay, so maybe I am just an herb planter because I potted full-grown herbs but STILL. Planting a variety of herbs has given me something to watch grow and take care of. It’s also inspired tons of herbaceous cocktails. Below, I’m sharing one of my current favorite recipes:

The Windsor Garden
by Empress Gin, modified by me
serves 1

You will need:
– 3-4 fresh mint leaves
– 3-4 fresh basil leaves + 1 for garnish
– 1 hearty rosemary stem
– Juice of 1 lemon
– 1/2 oz simple syrup
– 1 oz of Empress gin (or other gin of your choice)

To prepare:
Remove herbs from stems and muddle well in a cocktail shaker. Add remaining ingredients and plenty of ice. Shake well for 30 seconds. Pour into a small martini or coupe glass, garnish with remaining basil, and enjoy.

Overall, I’ve been grateful for the excuse to slow down. Of course, I’d love to be working from my favorite coffee shops, eating at restaurants and going on now-canceled vacations, but all things considering, I am weathering this storm just fine. Better than fine, actually. My friends and family are safe and healthy, and that’s truly all that matters.


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