Cocktail Italiano


Cocktail Italiano

“Sipping spritzes with Annette Joseph is the most fun―and this beautifully photographed love letter to the easy-breeze Italian cocktail culture lets you do just that. Cocktail Italiano will have you shaking, stirring, and booking a ticket to Italy in no time!”

-Katie Parla


“Aperitivo is more than Italy’s early evening pause for drinks and snacks. It’s a state of mind, and Annette Joseph perfectly captures the ritual of the moment with her guidebook insights, sun-soaked images, and spot-on recipes. The book also reveals the marvel that is the author herself: a tireless hostess, a cultural ambassador, and an adventurer ever-thrilled to share her treasured finds.”

-Bill Addison

“Aperitivo” or “Apero” is an integral part of Italian lifestyle―it is the daily ritual of meeting late afternoon or early evening for a cocktail and a few nibbles. As a renowned expert on food styling and entertaining, and currently restoring a castle in Tuscany, Annette Joseph is an experienced, authentic guide to la dolce vita of Italy.

With chapters on twelve major cities along the Italian Riviera (including San Remo, Genova, Portofino, and Santa Margarita), each will feature unique cocktail recipes as well as regional appetizers traditionally served with cocktails, often as a beachside ritual. You’ll also find sidebars offering detailed info about local distilleries, celebrity barmen, cultural idiosyncrasies of bar life, famous hotels, and much more.

Recipes include:

• Balsamic martini
• Campari with blood orange juice
• Lemoncello Margarita
• Mini meatballs with tomato
• Scampi poached in olive oil
• Fried sardines

Summery, beachy, and filled with beautiful photographs, Cocktail Italiano will excite readers who are drawn to the beauty and style of Italy, travel aficionados, cocktail lovers, photographers, and will offer the perfect inspiration to enjoy a bit of Italy at home (or, toss it in your bag and head to the Italian Riviera!).





Picture Perfect Parties


Picture Perfect Parties

“Simple, quick, always easy, and done with enthusiasm and effortless style, this is what Annette’s parties are all about. Like everything she does, Annette makes at- home entertaining accessible with delicious recipies and entertaining tips for truly memorable occassions.”


-Gwyneth Paltrow

“Annette Joseph is the smiling Sherpa of hospitality, leading you to successful entertaining. you’ll be hosting stylish, smart, and authentic gatherings after a few page turns.”

-Hugh Acheson

This engaging how-to guide provides blueprints for a year’s worth of get-togethers, covering every holiday and occasion. From my years of experience, I’ve developed an arsenal of tricks for making entertaining easy, and I’m sharing them here for the first time.

My focus is always on making use of items that are already at hand in the house, ingeniously transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary—a style of entertaining that doesn’t require spending a lot of money.

My philosophy centers around the idea that the best way to bring people together and make food enjoyable is to create table presentations that excite the eye and delight the imagination as much as they do the palate. Sidebars sprinkled throughout give step-by-step instructions for the inventive trappings that make an event memorable, such as centerpieces, placecards, take-away containers and linens.

I’ve also included 100 recipes – some of which are likely to become everyday favorites around your house. From simple to lavish, Picture Perfect Parties delivers brilliant solutions to create fabulous and foolproof events. You can print the free pie box template from my book here!