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The latest issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME, is near and dear to my heart. I met the hosts many many years ago: Rinne Allen was working for Rebecca Wood, RWood Studio at the Merchandise Mart selling her gorgeous wares.

At the time, I was designing textiles for a textile company and attended the mart events on a regular basis. I chatted with Rinne and Rebecca as we whiled away the hours during the Atlanta Gift Show. Full disclosure: I was working on my first book at the time, Artist’s Entertain. I hired Rinne to shoot the “pitch” prototype, and while the book never went anywhere, our friendship did.

The years passed. Rinne had children, and grew her photography business, and Rebecca became well-known and very successful. But the one thing that never changed was their pure natural and organic style. I like to say they were the original “hipsters,” the real crafters because they have always lived in a mindful way, and that has never swayed in the 15 years we’ve known each other.

Rinne Allen Rinne Allen

Their online journal Beauty Everyday, was one of the original beauty blogs out there. Although they never called it a blog; it was just a collected online journal of Rinne’s beautiful photographic inspirations of nature she saw everyday. They posted everyday and this collaboration became the kernel idea for their book of the same title. Last year, they published Beauty Everyday with another creative partner Kristen Bach. Kristen is a new friend, but like her collaborators, she’s clever, creative, and brings a natural sense of a “maker” to all her endeavors. She’s the owner of Treehouse Kid + Craft  in Athens, Georgia. Her infectious enthusiasm makes her the perfect fit for a business that engages kids imaginations. She was a blast at the “Into the Woods” party, and single-handedly created all of the nature crafts for the party.

Rinne and Rebecca and Christy Collaborators for “Beauty Everyday” book Kristen Bach, Rebecca Wood, Rinne Allen.

I so love and respect these friends; they live an authentic life, and that’s the best example of all.

Check out some of the behind the scenes images from the party they invited me to at Sweet Olive Farm:

IMG_0248 Me :: greeted by roaming Lamas now that’s the kind of Hello I could get used to 🙂 IMG_0264 Editor and Chief of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME with a friend. This guy kept trying to eat all the props. IMG_0263 Recipes will be online soon.

Photo Credit : Amber Fouts and Rinne Allen

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