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An Italian Riviera feast {dinner for 13}

According to my amazing hosts in Italy… a table set for 13 is bad luck so there is always a 14th place set. Let me set the scene of a dinner party I had the utmost pleasure of attending a month ago. Had to share! My friend Monica’s bff Fabia invited me to her Mama’s home for dinner, touting her as the Italian Riviera’s version of Martha Stewart. We were greeted by an enormous gate on a winding road above the sea in Bordighera about 1 hour from my home. Impressive to say the least!

At the Villa (perched precariously on a cliff) we were greeted by Fabia’s Mama and Papa. A charming and beautiful couple who wrapped me in their arms and planted 1 kiss on each cheek. I knew it was going to be a great night. Fabia did not oversell her Mama’s talents in the kitchen. I can honestly say I have never eaten so well on the Riviera to date.

Behind the house there is an enormous garden where all the fresh ingredients in each and every dish came from, including the olive oil and the eggs and all the fresh fruit. Fabia’s Mama, Alda Devia is coming out with her own cookbook this fall published by Allemandi {title to be determined}. She’s a genius with simple ingredients and hosting is definitely her calling Alda is a small, beautiful woman who has the elegance of Nancy Reagan and the the energy of the energizer bunny. The secret of great entertaining is no secret to her, that’s for sure.

We started on the terrace and as people arrived tiny fried fish straight from the Ligurian coast were served up on paper napkins (just like eating popcorn but so much better). The prosecco was flowing into an army of delicate champagne glasses.

We finally sat down at a very long and elegantly set table in the garden. The table was a vision to behold… so simple, so fantastic, so Italian.

The Menu:

Poached Salmon with fresh basil from the garden with family olive oil, and plenty of bread to soak up the excess.

Shrimp with fresh tomatoes from the garden, basil, shaved red onion, and more olive oil. The shrimp was cooked to perfection.

Homemade Gnocchi with green beans from the garden and fresh basil pesto. Heaven! {fun fact: Gnocchi in slang in Italian means “beautiful boy”, it’s a bit off color}

Swordfish, sliced thinly, “piccata style” with sauteed mushrooms. Fantastic, subtle flavors and without lemon, which I found to be an interesting choice.

Vanilla Gelato with fruit from the fruit trees and bushes on the property. In season black berries, peaches, plums, and strawberries.

Balckberry Crostata, with a melt in your mouth crust. It was beautiful.

All served with a crisp white wine from the region and followed by sweet strong espresso.

Simple, seasonal, and divine! I can’t thank the Devia family enough. Grazie Mille, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a signed copy of Alda’s cookbook, it will surely have an honored place in my cucina.

Notes from Italy :

For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Lisa Gabrielson

First of all thank you all for the kind words about the new website. It is truly thrilling to finally be able to share it with you guys. You can also check me out over on BHG’s blog, Delish Dish, today! Cheers all around and on to introductions! Pleased to welcome the beautiful Lisa Gabrielson to the blog today. Lisa is a self-taught interior designer/antique dealer and owner of Lisa Gabrielson Design. She has a BA in Art History from Mills College and studied art in Florence, Italy where she met her husband, Lorenzo, and lived for 17 years. There, she started a children’s clothing company, worked for Gucci, and returned to her first love: interior design. Seven years ago, Lisa transported her family and design business to Atlanta, Georgia. Recently, her work has been featured in Atlanta Magazine, Consumer Reports Kitchen Buying Guide, with the The Cottage Journal and a few more hitting the stands this year. She is a participating designer for Room Service Atlanta and blog writer. Her antiques can be found at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta. Lisa lives with her husband, two children and Golden Retriever in Johns Creek, but travels back to Italy as much as possible. Thanks, Lisa! Take it away…

1. Who would you like to play you in a movie?
Two of the greatest icons of style, class and beauty: Grace Kelly and Gwyneth Paltrow

2. I wish I could… Live in Italy (or the South of France) again part-time. It is where we started our family, and where we feel truly at home and happy. I also wish I could be on “Dancing with the Stars”… but first I need to become famous.

3. First Style Memory…
As a very little girl I was obsessed with the décor in “ladies lounges”. I remember being so excited about discovering that small room behind closed doors: the vivid wallpaper, pretty mirrors and moody lighting. The best ones had a vanity with hairspray, powder, and other goodies. A beautiful bathroom in a public space still excites the heck out of me. Some of my faves are at: the Charles de Gaulle airport, JK Place and Obika’ in Florence, Bistro VG in Roswell.

4. I could not live without… plain and simple: my “bambini” Bianca and Luca. The longer list would include: ashtanga yoga, beautiful places and spaces, prosecco, my mom’s psychological advice, my dad’s business advice, music of all kinds (with the exception of pop and country), my work, family dinners, great food, a good belly laugh…and of course… my iphone.

5. I could live without… toxic stress, firearms, pretentiousness, high fructose corn syrup, negativity, cleaning the house, football, gossip, baseball, cold weather, Atlanta traffic, and my daughter getting ready to fly the coop.

My style? A blend of antique pieces with clean lines, soft textiles and rustic elements to create an air of fresh, relaxed luxury and a touch of romance.

head shot photo by: Marsha Mifsud

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Welcome to Annette Joseph Style!

Welcome to Annette Joseph Style! If you’ve ever gone through a renovation or major redecorating project, you know the joy I’m feeling now that my on-line home has a brand new look. I am really thrilled with how it has all come together. You may notice a few glitches over the next couple of days. I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have any issues. You will find some new features like a page for my book where you can watch the trailer and pre-order Picture Perfect Parties from Rizzoli NY!

Picture Perfect Parties

As many of you know from my Facebook page I finally got to hold a copy of my cookbook Picture Perfect Parties, from Rizzoli NY. It was in a way like giving birth to my third baby. Such an amazing and proud feeling. I know you guys are going to love it as much as I do! I put a lot of thought, love and styling skill into which of my recipes would be fun and simple to make whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cook. The stylist tips, secrets, and organizational suggestions through out the cookbook will help you throw a Picture Perfect Party (large or small) every time. The official release date October 1st will be here before we know it. Speaking of dates, on my new site you’ll find a helpful calendar of book signing events. I hope to see all of you there. Again thank you for all the support…for me this is a dream come true. Now let’s party!!!

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For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Joanne Palmisano

Joanne Palmisano is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, Salvage Secrets, Transforming Reclaimed Materials into Design Concepts and has a second book, Salvage Secrets Design and Decor, coming out spring 2014, both published by W.W. Norton (New York/London). She is also an award winning interior designer, a stylist for national magazines and catalogs, and a regular contributing designer for DIY Network including an eight part video series on Salvage Design. She writes for William Sonoma’s blog, Cultivate, and regularly gives presentations across the nation about Designing with Salvage. Joanne can be found on her own blog. Thanks so much, Joanne!

1. Who would you like to play you in a movie?
I’d love Jodie Foster to play me in a movie! She looks nothing like me but I like her attitude…strong…funny and serious when she needs to be. 🙂

2. I wish I could…
I wish I could travel the French and Italian countryside for six months, checking out all the historic places, eating the food and of course stopping at all the antique markets.

3. My first style memory…
hmmm…that would have to be when I started to make my own clothes in high school. I don’t sew that much anymore but when I look back at pictures, I can’t believe how cool some of the stuff I made was. I should have keep them, they are back in style now!

4. I couldn’t live without…
Besides the all important husband, daughter, friends and family. I’d have to go with my jigsaw–which I use on almost every DIY Network project I create. That and my pillow…I mean really…who could live without a good pillow!

5. I could live without…
the television. Or at least I should try and live without the television, but on a long, cold Vermont winter night, there is nothing better than a rerun (or two) of the Big Bang Theory.

Pick a photo or décor objet, or piece of clothing that defines your style:

My style is all about mixing old with new; salvaged with modern, recycled with contemporary…styles that bring in the past so we can enjoy our future.

bottom photo by Susan Teare Photography

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Better Homes and Gardens September Issue

Big News on my cookbook front! The September Better Homes and Gardens has my Stylemaker feature on the cover. They selected me as a Stylemaker (it’s true!) and I am so thrilled. The fabulous and talented photographer, Jennifer Davick shot this story at my home. I styled up one of the parties from my new cookbook “Picture Perfect Parties” from Rizzoli NY. Can’t wait to share the complete story with you, but for now make sure you pick up a copy on a newsstand near you.

Also… look for my new improved website to launch this week. I think you’re going to love the new look. Exciting times! xx

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