Cocktail Italiano launch and a Massive giveaway :: my new book


My newest book, Cocktail Italiano: The Definitive Guide to Aperitivo, Drinks, Nibbles, and Tales of the Italian Riviera, is ready to launch. April 3rd is the official date, and I could not be more thrilled. I loved my first book Picture Perfect Parties, but if I am totally honest, this is the book I was meant to write. It is a complete travelog of the Italian Riviera and all of my favorite places to enjoy the Italian ritual of Aperitivo. Nibbles and drinks fill the pages as well as the brightest and most delicious photos of the beach clubs, bars and boardwalks all the way down the Italian coastline. I loved living in Alassio; it was the most posh seaside vacation town I ever visited, and I had the pleasure of living there and enjoying aperitivo by the seaside on the boardwalk most days. Sharing this with everyone makes me incredibly happy. I will be celebrating in Atlanta on April 5th with a launch party which of course will include an Aperol Spritz or 2.


In honor of Cocktail Italiano‘s launch, I am giving away 12 copies for the 11 seaside towns and 1 major city (Milano) featured in my book.*

  1. Bordighera
  2. San Remo
  3. Imperia
  4. Alassio
  5. Loano
  6. Genova
  7. Santa Margarita
  8. Portofino
  9. Levanto
  10. Portovenere
  11. Lerici- Ecco dell Mare
  12. Milano
  13. Italian Cocktails and food

Sign up to win below; good luck and cin cin!

xx Annette
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*Giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 and over.

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12 thoughts on “Cocktail Italiano launch and a Massive giveaway :: my new book

  1. Dawnya

    I am so excited for this book! I think everyone that follows you knows they get an intimate look of Europe when you share your trips. Congrats on the new book!

  2. Joanne Palmisano

    First and foremost, you look amazing in the pictures! Seriously, I want to be sitting where you are in that pic! My favorite cocktail I’ve had this year was a carrot juice and orange juice spritzer mimosa — I know it sounds crazy — but it was amazing! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your book and get back to Italy. Congrats again! Joanne

  3. Wendy

    I follow your blog and instagram account, your work is beautiful, and new home amazing, it’s been fun to watch the progress. I would really enjoy your new book if I won, we are not on the Riviera, but live near a beautiful beach.
    WEndy C

  4. Janet Rafferty

    Love your photo! You look beautiful, love your hair and the black and white stripe, perfection. My go to cocktail is the ever evolving Bloody Mary, lots of interesting versions of this classic cocktail.


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