Cookbook Notes 9: How to Make an American Layer Cake

Many years ago I subscribed to a fantastic cooking publication called “Cook’s Illustrated,” it was a heady serious magazine that had no photographs, only illustrations {so you knew is was serious}. It’s still out there as a wonderful resource if you have not seen it check it out. Cook’s Illustrated now has it’s own channel, America’s Test Kitchen, I suggest you have a peek, the videos are fantastic.

Years back, Cook’s Illustrated published a series of little books on finite subjects. One of my favorites is How to Make and American Layer Cake. It’s a step by step guide to perfect cakes, frostings and fillings. This is part of a series, there is a little book for all sorts of recipes: How to Make Pies, Pizza, and Cookie Jar Favorites to name a few. These are great additions to your Cookbook Collection make a note.

Buy How to Make an American Layer Cake here

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