Crushing On: “In the Garden” Edition

Life has been a bit hectic and fast-paced these days. Just flew back from NYC from a crazy exciting and fun weekend. I found out that my book will have a global release!! I am pinching myself. With all of the happenings lately, I just want to slow down a bit to let it all soak in. One of my favorite places to do that is in my garden. This post was inspired by the idea of laying in the sun with a good read while surrounded by ripening tomatoes and lush flowers.

  • Love the earthy and fresh vibe of Mrs. Meyers’ Radish.
  • This clutch is so awesome. It’s like wearing a garden on your arm.
  • These “Bee Brave” earrings are a gorgeous reminder. Similar version available here.
  • Collected by the editors of The Silver Spoon (remember this post?), Vegetables from an Italian Garden has a year’s worth of seasonal recipes.
  • Last but not least, these fringe umbrellas by Kerry Cassill are stunners. I’m obsessed with her designs.

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

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