Dear Alassio

Dear Alassio,

It’s been an amazing 10 years in your charming Italian seaside town. Frank and I have enjoyed entertaining friends and making new friends. But basically enjoying a very Riviera lifestyle that is sunny and bright, and full of sand, salty waves, and chilly cocktails.


We loved showing our friends from the US how the Italians enjoy la dolce vita. We loved grabbing morning espresso and a sweet crispy brioche filled to the brim with warm apricot marmalade. We could not do without the salty, oily focaccia, and an abundance of fresh fish doused with local olive oil. The tender octopus and potato salad Ligurian style or the famous pesto slathered on trofie with tender green beans and potato. We will always love the charred and cheesy melted goodness of our local pizzeria.

IMG_5024 IMG_4847 CIMG0694 IMG_3707 IMG_8021 IMG_3352 CIMG0750

We will miss delving into the local crisp chilled white wines of the region, Verimentinos and Gavis. But mostly I will miss the seaside aperitivi everyday on the boardwalk. Where we consumed endless Aperol Spritz for years and noshed on potato chips and a variety of nibbles.

IMG_3226 IMG_3001 IMG_1437 IMG_8403 IMG_9220 IMG_3706

Alassio, we loved hanging with you. You showed us how to slow down, enjoy nature’s beauty, and soak-in the abundance that is Italy. As we move to our next Italian chapter away from the sea and into the countryside, know that you will always be our first, and therefore have a special place in our hearts.

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IMG_2052 IMG_2175 IMG_3603

We will be back to visit often; just know that we love you.


Annette and Frank xx




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  1. Victoria Harp

    You should share this with the Italian equivalent of the local Chamber of Commerce. It is a very sweet and appealing write up for your community there! Safe travels!


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