DIY :: Holiday Place Card and Takeaway Gift all in one

DIY Snow Globe Placecards

I had such a great time at my book signing at Paris Market, in Savannah making these darling DIY holiday place cards that I thought I would share this easy craft with all of you. It’s sweet, functional, and a wonderful gift for guests to take home after the festivities. I love the idea so that our guests to know where to be seated at the table. Even if I have 6 guests over to the house, I love making fancy place settings. It’s the little touches that make all the difference, and if you want to show your guests you care, you will take a few moments to make a little something special. It’s kind, and it’s so enjoyable. Have a wonderful holiday season and make these little snow globes; I just love them!

DIY Snow Globe Placecards

DIY Snow globe placecards

You will need:

– Hot Glue Gun
– 2. 5″ ball jar
– Small toy deer, rabbit, or christmas tree
– Faux snow
– 1/2 inch silk ribbon
– Stickers (these are from Michaels)
– Sharpie
– Twine

How To:

1. Cut a 3 inch piece of ribbon, attach the sticker, and write the name of your guest

2. Attach the ribbon banner to the tree or toy animal with a dot of hot glue

3. Remove the lid of the jar, pull the lid apart, and add a little glue to the inside of the outer rim. Glue the round part of the lid to the rim.

4. Place a dime size round of hot glue on the inside of the lid, and attach tree or toy.

5. Place about 1″ depth of the faux snow into the jar.

6. Once the glue has solidified, twist the top onto the jar.

7. Flip the jar and place the jar lid side down on the table. You can shake the snow into place.

Voila your placecard/takeaway gift is done!

Let me know how it goes! xx

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