DIY :: Shipping Pallet Seating


A couple weeks ago I was in Tuscany with my friends at their country home helping prep for a big summer holiday called Ferragosto. Forrest and I were busy prepping food and decor for the evenings festivities, as Roberto was pulling out extra seating for guests. Imagine my surprise that the extra seating was a really cool DIY project using shipping pallets. I loved the idea of using shipping pallets as extra seating. They are really so good at recycling everything, I am always amazed.

Forrest used all the paint from the color tests when they were making wall color decisions. The pallets came from a local tile manufacturer. FOR FREE.


They then used bed pillows and stripe-y pillow cases to give it a whimsical look, very festive! It was a lovely party, lots of local food and plenty of vino. Gotta love Italy in the summer . Ciao xx



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