don’t forget the cocktails…holiday drinkies

As you know from my cocktail series last year…I love a great cocktail. Creativity in the cocktail realm is really exciting to me. I can’t help it, an interesting cocktail combo makes me smile (and feel a little tipsy). Who doesn’t love that?! Here are a couple of choice cocktails from some really cool resources. These drinks are great to make for guests or to whip up for yourself as you’re wrapping gifts. Hey, why not make that a party? 1bb2d3a79d2f965a14673c1e13d2a2ff A smart looking concoction, the Georgetown Cocktail from Honestly Yum.
d5f820e6d6f0824ea983a318a280cd32 Ichigo Shortcakes’ Pimms Ginger Twist… so festive! eb8460358179373c33b5945a4fdfe825 Boulevardier Cocktail, another brilliant beverage from Honestly Yum. Oui oui merci! 8a3ee5def590115133c12baa4c8a28f6 Margaret of York’s Bourbon Pumpkin Shake . Is this dessert? Heck yea!

I will be making all four over the next few weeks! Cheers!

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