Food Friday {gelato, Milan style}

Well you all knew it was coming… I have do at least one or even two posts about gelato. I am in Italy after all! In Milan last week it was hot and muggy so like everyone else I queued up for my share of gelato. My friends Wendy and Scott {see Monday’s inspiration post} took me to one of their discoveries in Milan, ciocclat italiani. It’s this sort of insane, Willy Wonka type of situation. Dare I say sort of American in approach and decadence? What a scene! Take a number, wait, and watch the “gelato masters” create their art installations on a cone {that’s filled with white, dark or milk chocolate, btw} from 3 flowing stainless steel faucets down the middle of the prep space. Over the top, cold, delicious and most definitely decadent. I liked it, but give me a family run, old fashion, 300 year old, gelato store any day. Ciao tutti from Italy. Have a great weekend and go out and get some gelato!

Here’s the queue!

Here are the chocolate faucets.

Yes that’s nutella spread on top…nuff said. xx

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