Food Styling Makeovers :: with Parchment Paper

The second before and after installment is about styling food with parchment paper. How food is presented is everything. The saying you eat with your eyes is the truth. One of the staples in your kitchen should be parchment paper.

1. Before :: Sweet Potato Fries with a savory or sweet dip is a wonderful addition to any meal. In this before, the bowl of dip is overwhelming. All you see is a big bowl of dip.


After :: This presentation is pleasing. I love using parchment paper. Make sure you have some in your pantry, it always comes in handy. Stylist Tip :: when in doubt just lay down some parchment paper and voila it makes any food presentation upscale and chic. The vessel is great, pretty and the perfect color to compliment the sweet potatoes. Think about the vessel and the coloration of the food when plating your food. For example, don’t plate brown food on a brown or grey plate, it will create an unappetizing plate. Note* The dip is in 2 containers, this scale is much better to highlight the fries.


2. Before :: Halibut with Tomatoes is a great combination, however why not make it a pretty dish. This  presentation has nothing special to offer. It needs a makeover.


After :: For this fish dish, why not use one of my favorite stylist staples, parchment paper? As I said above, it always makes a food presentation exciting. I love placing the little paper packages on guests plates for them to open like a gift. (in French: cooking these little paper packages is called en papillote). Here the same recipe in parchment looks appetizing and interesting


3. Before :: Ice cream sandwiches for dessert are always a big hit, but serving them this way is messy and unappealing. They’re too hard to handle.


After :: Parchment paper to the rescue again! With just a band of parchment and some bakers string you can create an instantly pretty presentation. Now you have a functional dessert. The parchment not only looks great but helps guests eat this somewhat messy dessert.


If you’re interested in learning more about food styling check out my workshop June 7th. Hope to see you there, it’s always a super fun day of learning, sharing and creating and of course eating.


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