For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Julia Edelmann

Julia Buckingham Edelmann, the Chicago interior design blogger for Material Girls and 1stDibs dealer, runs the full-service interior design firm Buckingham Interiors + Design, specializing in historic restorations and homebuilding. Julia’s exquisite Buckingham I+D Showroom showcases curated collections of local and international fine art, furniture, lighting, unique artifacts and accessories. As a former antiques dealer, Julia designs interior environments, integrating antiques and modern furnishings which highlight her design direction which she refers to as her trademarked Modernique® aesthetic.

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Charlize Theron. I love her energy!

2. I wish I could…
Be at 5 places at one time!

3. My first style memory is…
In 4th grade, I had this very cool yellow dress that was printed with all sorts of unique and interesting girl’s names on it. I will never forget, my gym teacher one day even let the girls whose names were on the dress leave class early! Needless to say, this dress was quite the hit that day. This was my first experience when I realized that stylish apparel could make you a stylish, confident person.

4. I could not live without…
The inspiration of modern art

5. I could live without…
Ever having to fill my car with gas or ironing!

A photo that defines my style:

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