For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Susan Bogle

Susan is one of my artist friends and favorite people. Originally from Atlanta, Susan and her husband, David Turner, went to art school at Auburn and then moved on to New York to begin their careers as artists and designers. Now a Senior Art Director at Ballard Designs, she spends her days tweaking and perfecting the “European-inspired” home furnishings brand.

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie?
I was molded by old movies and always preferred the snappy-dialogue characters. Rosalyn Russell in “His Girl Friday.” Those smart broads were always more intriguing than the blond ingénues who would fall down when chased. But really the perfect fit would be Stockard Channing as Rizzo in “Grease.” It’s been pointed out enough times that I have to go with her.

2. I wish I could…
Sing. My God I wish I could sing. I’m a terrible singer, simply awful. Oh to have the angelic voice of Emmylou. Or to be PJ Harvey, all screeches and wails and elbows and lips.

3. My first style memory is…
Otto Zenke’s interior design showrooms. My grandmother worked for Zenke. I would go to the office with her and run amok through those rooms of gorgeous British antiques. My taste has been forever influenced by his timeless style. Start with a classic British base and then layer on the exotic. My husband and I call our
decorating style “we are English noblemen who have traveled abroad.” Granted, poor English noblemen. We invented shabby chic.

4. I could not live with out my….
My car. I drive a 31-year-old Jaguar. It’s gorgeous—and it’s a pain, but well worth the trouble and expense. The fluid lines, wood dash and black-rimmed dials are a designer’s dream. It doesn’t matter that most of the dials don’t work. When it’s in the shop (which is frequent), I completely lose my superpowers! Practical cars have no magic.

5. I could live without…
Overhead lights. They’re just wrong.

Pick a photo or décor objet, or piece of clothing that defines your style …

I fully admit it. I love Ralph Lauren’s world. I cruise the NY Ralph Lauren store any chance I get. However my style is a bit more streamlined because of my love affair with art deco. I can’t resist those powerful lines.

photo of Susan by Emmett Martin

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