Holiday gift giving test run from the Smitten Kitchen

Last weekend , my daughter Alex and I did a test run on a recipe that she found on the Smitten Kitchen blog (one of our favorite go to sites for recipes that are easy, creative and delicious). I should say this site is one of Alex’s obsessions and I know she’s not alone. My dear friend Oma swears by her desserts, and when I told her Alex would be baking these as gifts this season she said “oh they will be delicious” and she was right. photo copy 2 Alex wanted to make sure the recipe worked and tasted great, before gifting them to her co-workers and bosses this year. This is her first year with a real job! She’s on a budget and wanted something heartfelt and homemade. She came up with homemade oreos! Genius!

She used Smitten Kitchen’s Home made oreos recipe. Seriously how could these be anything but awesome?! As Alex and I discussed her plan of attack in making 240 cookies, we baked and scheduled the process of mass production. Since her Mom’s a cookbook author πŸ™‚ and producer, well let’s face it I live for these production assignments and when it’s my daughter well I am even more excited to help her with the process.

{Here’s a step by step}
photo 1 photo 2 photo 1 copy Using a teaspoon scoop assures that all the cookies will be uniform.
photo 3 photo-copy-3-690x517 copy photo 4 Using a piping bag will ensure that all of the filling will dispense evenly.
photo When we did the test run of placing the cookies in the tin we found that 24 {1recipe} fits beautifully into the 7 3/4″ tin, YAY! wouldn’t you love to receive these as a gift?

Not only did we do a test run on the tin, but we had to try them as Smitten Kitchen suggests dunked in milk! They are delicious, and addictive…fair warning!

If you decide you want to make these as holiday gifts, here’s how you can make 10 tins just like Alex.

Alex’s plan of attack

*Last weekend we bought all the tins and wax paper at the Container Store 10 tins, 1 package of waxed paper, and the all the ingredients at Costco for the cookies, plus a package of bows for the top of the tins.

1. She would need to bake 10 batches each batch makes about 24-30 cookies

2. She would bake 2 batches for a week (5 days) every evening, forming the cookies into balls and freezing them in batches

3. 1 Saturday she would thaw the dough balls, press and bake off all the batches, all day

4. On Sunday she would make the filling and fill and pack all the gifts in decorative tins.

5. She will deliver the gifts on Dec. 23rd the Monday before Christmas πŸ™‚

This gift will be not only delicious but affordable and thoughtful. All the words that go with the holidays this year. The first year Alex isΒ  a working woman on a budget.

Tell me some of your budget minded gifts giving ideas, I would love to hear all about them especially if it involves baking or cooking.

Happy Holidays and thanks Smitten Kitchen!


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