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When in Turin, eating like a local is a must. Luckily we had a local with us, my friend Paola (who I told you about here) who took us to one of her favorite spots: La Valle. Of course it never hurts to know the chef, and of course if you know the chef he’s got to prepare a 10 course tasting menu paired with some Piedmontese wines.

Here are just a few dishes we tasted, they were all divine. Keep in mind that the region of Piedmont is known for 2 very important things: local suppliers being number 1 and number 2 they use very little onion and no garlic in this region. My American friends are always a bit taken back by the subtle flavors on northern Italy.

Each dish had the freshest ingredients and even the menu had a list of all the local suppliers. Here are a few highlights from the tasting menu…

La Valle was a lovely long and lingering dining experience.


Bacala, with pea jelly and fresh spinach pasta frond

IMG_3877 IMG_3879

Veal with anchovy sauce

Chicken with fresh egg

Tomato vegetable bread salad
IMG_3887 IMG_3892

Agnolotti with ricotta and mint cream sauce

Gelato with fresh fruit and vegetables, “minestrone dessert”

Cream Anglais with chocolate crisp

Chocolate souffle with chocolate chip cracker

Note* The first dish picture was a riff on a poor man’s meal: handmade angoletti with meat, served in a simple napkin. In Italy the poor were given this pasta in a handkerchief, it was a charming presentation and deliciously simple and satisfying.

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