Marrakech~ Part One {a stylist’s take on the night market}

frank and i at the night market…i don’t think i have ever looked ( or felt ) happier
we entered the night market as the sun was setting…

there is a reason so many top designers have homes in marrakech, yves st laurent, bulgari to name a couple… as a stylist i was not surprised to feel quite at home with textures and colors of this magical place. i have to confess always dreamed of walking the streets, perusing the markets…exploring the corridors and taking in the sights, sounds and spicy fragrances of marrakech.

the night market was our first stop….once we entered the medina (the old town), our senses were immediately engaged…into overload actually. all the people bustling about, all the vendors  and craftsmen tucked into the various shops sent my stylist brain into overload. i wanted to see everything, take it all in and engulf myself in the smells, textures and colors of the night market.

our tour guide aziz ( 212 06 1 203 405 cell) was a very astute, mellow and thoughtful tour guide, we started slowly in the less crowded part of the market and worked our way into the frenzy of the evening. like a great chef aziz started our journey of the senses slowly, allowing us to acclimate to the rhythm of the souk. he asked if there was anything i was interested in buying or seeing. rugs i said, antique rugs from the dessert! ahh he said, i know just the place follow me.

chateau des souks (
we entered a very large showroom & workroom, and promptly met the proprietor a very friendly man, who asked my husband, if he could kiss my hand?…yes of course, and he did. “first let me tell you about this showroom/workroom, and the rugs that i will show you all have a story. they all come to me from particular regions and all the rugs here are antique and are of the finest quality”, he said. as with all showrooms, mint tea was brought out for us immediately, after all the morrocan people are very hospitable and welcome everyone into their home/business with utmost respect and warmth.
my husband frank, sat patiently as all was explained regarding the various rugs, regions, and craftsman of the history surrounding regions, all this while sipping mint tea.

frank is a patient man

then the show began, so many rugs were brought out, not only to sell to us, but to show us the vast array of styles from many regions in morroco. the berbers were my particular favorites although picking a favorite rug was another story!

after an hour of dragging carpets on and off the showroom floor, we finally settled on these 2 for our place in italy.

 then goodbyes, and we were off to explore the market deeper…as the night enveloped the souk, the surroundings became more alive with color and movement. walking through the food vendors was a feast for our eyes as well as our noses.

i was dying to try something like the snails with sour orange, but aziz warned us that we did not have the anti-bodies to handle it…although i saw many westerners tucking in for a bite, i thought it best to listen to our guide. there would be plenty of time to taste moroccan food, more on food later. 

the main square of the medina was alive. motor scooters, bicycles, young people, old people, cars, horses. once we had seen most of the market, we settled in for a  horse drawn carriage ride. it sounded a little touristy to me, but the temperature was a balmy 72 degrees, and it seemed like the perfect way to take in the many beautiful gardens lining the main boulevard (and it was).
this trip was promising to be all i hoped for…more from marrakech to come.

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  1. SVanHoesen

    This post was so delightful! I have always wanted to go to the night market in Marrakech (I've watched too many documentaries and tv shows highlighting this evening event).

    Can't wait to see where you go next! Enjoy this wonderful time away:)


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