Martini Grand Prix Finale {a cocktail competition}

Martini Granprix

As many of you may know, I am in Italy over the next couple of weeks at our home here on the Italian Riviera. Fall on the Riviera is a lovely: cool, windy, sunny, and sometimes cloudy.

Last week, I took a couple friends to a cocktail competition in Milano. It was supposed to be held at Expo, a giant world congress of food, but unfortunately the weather was not cooperative, and it was moved to a very very hip hotel called NHOW.

Martini Granprix

Four barmen from all over the EU were the finalists. Each barman was challenged with creating a Martini cocktail {Martini and Rossi} using products in the line.

Martini Granprix Italy-Walter Grosso

Martini Granprix France- Nicolas Lasjuiriallas

Martini Granprix England- Dominic Whisson

Martini Granprix Spain- Miguel Munoz

The venue was a buzz, and we had amazing seats thanks to my friends at Martini.

Martini Granprix

When the competition began, each finalist had 2 minutes to prepare their cocktail. They each told a brief description of their cocktail and then began.

Martini Granprix

It was super fun to watch, and after the demonstration, everyone was allowed to sample the cocktails. I of course had my favorite. I loved Dominic’s from England. After nibbles and drinks, the winner was announced, Italy won…he was cute; he cried, and we cheered.

Martini Granprix

It was a most enjoyable afternoon with the Martini team.

Martini Granprix

Thanks so much…more Italian adventures to come! Look for “house hunting” next week. Yes, I am still on the hunt for the perfect location for workshops, cooking classes, and more in Italy.

Photo Credit: me

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