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Last weekend I curled up with my friend Anne Sage‘s new design book, Sage Living, Decorate for the Life You Want. I wasn’t surprised that it was beautiful or unique because that pretty much sums up Anne in a nutshell.

However, what did surprise me was that this book is really a helpful guide on how to be happy at home. It’s a simple premise, but it’s never been done. Anne is not only brilliant in her approach to design and how it ties to our sense of well being, but this book will have you looking at your spaces and how you live in a fresh new way.

Lucky for me she agreed to come along and share her expertise with my June Style + Photo Workshop students in Italy this summer. Of course she wowed the crowd, and she will be back next June to do it again!

Lucky for you she has written one of the most soulful design books out there. While most design books cover beautiful spaces page after page, chapter after chapter, in a rather formulaic fashion, Anne goes the extra mile and illustrates the relationship between our home and our happiness.


Anne reminds us that “Your best life starts at home.”

In Sage Living, Anne Sage opens the door to 28 covetable dwellings designed to boost the dreams of their occupants, from the sunny kitchen of a holistic nutritionist to the eclectic living room of a world traveler. With page after page of stunning interiors and design tips for every room, Sage Living goes beneath the stylized surface to help you decorate for the life you want.

our dining room

When Anne asked me if she could photograph the entertaining spaces in our home for this book, I was not only honored, but excited to share why our home is the place that makes me and my entire family feel happy, centered, and at ease. We have created a place to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.

You may know Anne as the City Sage, but I know her as a smart cookie. This book will change the way you look at your space and yes, even your life. I urge you to pick up a copy. It’s not only a design book; it goes deep and will have you thinking about the way you live in the most important space in your life: your home.

Thank you Anne for including our home. Our happiest place.

Photos : via Emily Johnston

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