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Book of Food 3-098 While we are on the topic of shopping, I thought it only appropriate for this week’s styling lesson to show you how to shop like a stylist. Yesterday I shared one of my favorite resources (read about it here). Finding amazing resources in your own home town is not only fun but a requirement if you want to be the best prop-stylist that you can be. Your interest in finding unique stores, markets and dealers, artists and crafts people is not only your job it should be your passion. If you’re not a prop stylist, these tips will be great to use for decorating, styling photos for yourself, and entertaining. Everyone should be able to live a “styled life.” Below you will find my favorite resources which I will continue to add to! Book of Food 3-011 In Atlanta:

Scott’s Antiques Market is amazing.
Ballard Designs (we are lucky in Atlanta we have 2 outlets)
Star Provisions
Cutflower Wholesale. Great resource for ribbon and vases, too!
I attend wholesale markets all over the world. In Atlanta we haveĀ AmericasMart.

While In New York:

Fishs Eddie NYC
ABC Carpet NYC
Canvas NYC
Prop houses


Pottery Barn
World Market
Save on Crafts: one of the best selections of crafts. Amazing accessories, ribbons, linens, things for the garden and more!
Heeney Company: props and florals. Seasonal decor.

Shop outdoor markets:

I shop in Paris and in Italy.

Other Favorites:

Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Their websites are not that great, go to the store there’s a much bigger selection.
Fabric Stores like Joanns: I like to shop the discount table for tabletop shoots.
Hardware stores

**Buy from other prop stylists or trade, My favorite way to shop!

Most important stylist tip is to make relationships and find untapped resources in your town. Start a conversation with a vintage vendor and talk about where to find certain items. All the vendors in your town should know you.

I rent, borrow or buy and return. Returning I know, not good right? It is a best kept secret. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, it’s always my very last resort. Most of the time I know the staff at the stores so they let me borrow or rent and bring back.

Tell about some of your favorite haunts I would love to hear from you.

Happy Prop Shopping xx

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