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I’m adding a new column to the blog this year: Style Pin. Since this is the year I have decided to focus my blog on styling lessons and teaching opportunities like workshops and “how to” posts, it seemed like the perfect combination! I thought sharing some stylist pointers on Fridays would be a great way to share my experience and expertise. I will be pointing out why I pinned a particular photograph, why it’s styled well, and what to look for when you’re shooting for your own purposes. Whether you are shooting or styling for your own blog or a client, I hope a few trade secrets will be helpful.

So many people use pinterest as inspiration, myself included. I am totally obsessed because it’s the most fabulous style resource and visual distraction. I am going to be sharing my tips and views on why I pinned something and why I love the style. Here goes… what makes this space so stylish to me?


Less is More: When styling for the camera, less is always more. Editing it the most important skill a photo stylist can have. One of the most important lessons I have learned over the years is to translate the art of editing to my own home. This space has so much void space. When styling a photograph or styling your own space don’t be afraid of blank spaces. The oranges add a bit of life, not just because of the lovely orange color, but because they are alive.When you add something organic or real to a vignette it completes the space and brings instant personality.

Stylist secret: When we’re on a shoot and a shot is not working sometimes just hauling in a plant, or something alive (this includes a dog or a person blurred in the background as well) helps a shot tremendously. Sometime shots can be static and boring so a little life (literally) can transform a boring shot into a lovely shot.

Follow me on pinterest…more style pin tips next week. I will be announcing 2 prop/food photography workshops in the next few weeks. Make sure you look out for the sign up sheet and sign up spots will be limited.

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6 thoughts on “Style Pin 01 – Lessons in Styling

  1. Olena

    Hi Annette,
    your inspirational blog is bursting with life, warmth, style, color and TIP!!! I was simply thrilled to find the Styling Pins and believe the three tips/pins you have shared have changed my life and the way I assess and style my tabletops. My only desire is to find more!! Is there any way you might consider to continue with these or perhaps there might be some great reference books /blogs you might be able to recommend? The magic color triangle – is the tool you have coined and I have never came across a more useful recommendation. Thank you!!

    1. Annette Joseph Post author

      Just keep reading I do styling posts a few times a year and thank you for your support. You may want to buy my book Picture Perfect Parties, click on the buy this book here button on my book page on my website


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