Summer on the Italian Riviera #book2


Ciao from Italy! Some of you know that I held my first Italian Riviera Workshop this year, and you may know that we are selling our flat here and buying a house. But what you may not know is that I am working diligently on my next book.

My first book Picture Perfect Parties, Rizzoli, NY was a great seller; people really seemed to love what I had to say about being a great hostess. But most of you have been asking about my next book. Logically speaking, writing a book about my life in food here in Italy would be a natural second book. This summer my husband and I are photographing my next book right here on the Riviera.

Frank, my husband, is an accomplished photographer, and therefore it seemed like the perfect passion project for us to embark upon. He and I, with cameras in hand, have been shooting for the last two weeks and will be shooting all the photographs for my next book for the rest of the summer.

I can’t tell you everything about the subject matter, but let’s just say you’re going to love it, and yes it will be about the Riviera lifestyle. I will be posting behind the scenes, so follow along on my instagram feed to see some of the adventures in the works for book 2.

Thank you to everyone for you support of my first book, and this next one is going to knock your socks off. Cin Cin, and here’s to another book writing adventure! xx


Photo Credit : Me

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