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they’re baaaack {Vintage Fiat 500 weekend in Garlenda, Italy}


If you follow my blog you know that every year it’s become a tradition to attend the Fiat 500 rally put on by the local Cinque Cento Club in the town next door. I love Fiat 500s “Cinque Centos”, and this year I was pretty chuffed to drive my own little 500 to the rally. Frank, along with some of our dear friends Forrest and Roberto from Genova, hopped into Lola and off we went. I swoon every time I see the teeny tiny cars all lined up on the field. SO CUTE! This year there was even a 500 outfitted as a chicken coop. The pic does not do it justice, honestly it was hard to capture the adorableness of this 500, but you get the picture.

IMG_3996 IMG_3992 IMG_3990

They even had the local band playing while they all zipped into the rally arena! How charming!


I think I might be a little obsessed with these cars. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these events, by all means do!


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This Year’s Fiat 500 International Meeting … beep beep

The cutest car in the world, at least that’s what I think. Last weekend we did it again, we attended the Fiat 500 meeting in the town next door (Garlanda, Italy). The annual meeting of cinquecento enthusiasts, collectors, tinkerers and experts. If you love these darling little cars as much as I do, then you will love the entries this year.

The owners were very creative and there were cars from England and Australia to boot. We had a blast at the opening ceremonies.

I think my favorite one this year was a tie. I loved the English 500 with the trailer, but the one from Roma is the one I would want to take home. I love the racy leopard seat covers!

This fall I am buying one for reals, I wanted one last year as well, but this year I am pulling the trigger. Now the only question is what color???

Which one would you like to take home? vroom vroom…

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