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Photography Tip:: A Color Story App


As an avid Instagram user, I am always looking for the best new apps to keep me on top of my iPhone editing game. You might not realize this, but most of my photos on my Instagram feed are taken and edited with my iPhone.

Smartphones actually take really great photos, and with the advent of some great editing apps, Instagram photos can be really beautiful.

Currently, I am loving the app, A Color Story (and it’s free!). Created by the Beautiful Mess team, the A Color Story app filters your photos with color in mind. You can brighten whites, clarify adjustments, and improve the richness of color.

My favorite part of the app is that you can save adjustments that you make. By saving your adjustments, you create a one-step editing process which is essentially, your own unique filter. How cool is that?

I’ve found the app incredibly user friendly, and it really enhances photos for the better. One of the things we heard at Alt is that editing a photo is like turning it back into what you saw originally with your eyes. You’re not removing things you don’t want to see, but instead showcasing the things you did see. Love that.

What is your favorite editing app? Spill your secrets!

xx, Annette

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