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Summer travel :: my 6 must haves


As you know I travel a lot A LOT. I am starting to feel like I have it down. Yes, this is the first time I feel like I have it together. Seriously. Since I leave for the summer in a couple days, I thought it would be great timing to share my travel must-haves. A few things I think you should check out and maybe take along with you next time you’re on the road.

1. Longchamp La Pliage Collection:  It’s the perfect beach bag, extra baggage if you are a shopper like me, and of course a carry-on. Fold it up and throw it into your bag and go.

Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Travel Duffel Tote Navy_LRG

2. The Excursionist Sephora: This is by far my favorite travel case, it has great compartments and looks great too. I have looked high and low for this bag, when I found it I was so thrilled. I love that it hooks and everything hangs within arms length.


3. Trish McEvoy large makeup planner:  Best travel makeup kit of all time. I love my kit. Trish actually invented this planner while on vacation. Stop by any Trish counter and check it out, you’ll never go back. *there is also a really cool travel roller cologne that I just can’t travel without.


4. Tieks travel ballet flats:  Oprah loves them and so do I. I owe several pairs and you know you’re a good friend if you get a pair from me for your birthday! They come with a great little pouch that fits into your bag with ease. Offered in a million gorgeous colors that makes it so hard to choose. Perfect for travel get your pair ASAP.


5. Light and easy Beach Towel:  I love beach towels. I also like to bring my own towel to the beach. This light weight cotton beach towel from Anthropologie is perfect. It can do double duty as a pareo as well. It’s a keeper. Bring it along!


6. Dr Dre Bluetooth Headphones: they are great and a clever and polite way to let the stranger in the seat next to you know you’re not up for chit chat, thank you.


and of course a great book – let me know what book is in your carry on this summer…


Happy and safe summer travels all. Make sure to follow my adventures in Italy with my travel companion Vivi the Doxie on Instagram. We will be there all summer enjoying La Dolce Vita!

*this is not a sponsored post all opinions are my own

photo 1 and 7 via chance

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Bridal Season + west elm Bridal Launch


Since I am working with west elm on their bridal registry launch this week, I wanted to give you some ideas of things I am loving right now. If I were getting married today what would I register for? west elm has a great selection of what I call special basics. In my book Picture Perfect Parties, I outline a “Party Pantry”. These essentials are an arsenal of basics everyone needs to entertain with ease.

* I will be giving a presentation Sunday June 22nd at west elm Atlantic Station on what exactly these essentials should be.


Here are some of the items from west elm I think are must haves on your bridal registry list.


The Krosno Glassware Set


Love these napkins: The Blanket Stitch Napkin Set


Organic Shaped Dinnerware, a fantastic basic everyday dish + they work well for dinner parties as well.


Something dressier: The Organic Shaped Dinnerware with a gold rim, also available with a silver rim.

Stop by Sunday and check out my complete list. Chat with me about your wedding ideas and I will help you register for your “party pantry” essentials from west elm!


bouquet image Zac Wolf Photography

table image from Traditional Home, styled by me, photographed by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

P.S. : I will be on Better Mornings in the 9:00 am hour on Friday

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