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Sarzana, Italy | Antiques Fair

IMG_5412 Every year in August the city of Sarzana opens it’s streets to one the most lovely Antiques Markets.

The City of Sarzana is at the entrance to the valley of the Magra (ancient Macra), the boundary between Eturia and Liguria in Roman times, gave it military importance in the Middle Ages. The first mention of the city is found in 983 in a diploma of Otto ;1 in 1202 the episcopal sea was transferred from the ancient Luni, 5 kilometres (3┬ámi) southeast, to Sarzana. It’s a city that is chocked full of handmade shops, and some pop up shops as well. I love shopping here for unique handmade clothes and shoes. There are many antiques shops, home furnishing and accessory boutiques, and great restaurants and bars.

IMG_5414 IMG_5416 IMG_5447

We wandered the fair and picked up a few bits and bobs, my new found friend (a German Art Director from Berlin, Heike) who my friend Forrest introduced me to found an amazing espresso machine from the 60’s that had never been used. She was mainly excited because she owns one in Berlin, and this would be a great addition to their newly purchased home in the Lunigiana.

Forrest brought us to Amaro! a pop up shop of a ceramics team that he’s fond of. Great little shop, and I am still kicking myself for not buying a bunch of bowls. Arrgh.

IMG_5419 IMG_5420 IMG_5421 IMG_5423

Great night in Sarzana, if you’re ever near Cinque Terra or Pisa you should definitely put this little Medieval town on your list. Ciao xx


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Prop shopping in L’Isle sur la Sorgue

L’Isle sur la Sorgue, city of heavenly flea markets and antiques, is not to be missed! While traveling in Provence, I was lucky enough to tag along on the hunt with my dear designer friend Monica Demonte. Monica knows the place like the back of her hand as well as some secret haunts I’d never been to. Sure you see plenty of American designers walking around pointing and buying up the goods, but go with a pro and see things that are off limits to the crowd. It was a magical day. You may have seen the photo below on instagram, don’t you love these chairs covered in vines as you walk up the staircase?
I bought a few wonderful things. One of my favorite finds was an oversized tart pan that looks a lot like my new logo. I think it will make the perfect sign for the cooking school I am thinking of opening down the road here in Italy. In the meantime… it looks great in my kitchen! In the end our trip was such a great inspiring adventure, thanks Monica! You’re the best tour guide ever! xx

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