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Friday Food: Bologna, Italy

Ciao Bologna! I took a trip last week to one of the food capitals …well “cured meat” capital’s of Italy. I am not a vegetarian, in fact there is nothing I will not eat, okay there is one thing “kimchi” but that discussion is for another time. Frank and I made our way by car to the glorious University town of Bologna. We were in search of tasty bits of meat and lasagna bolognese. Dropping our stuff at a near by hotel, we wandered into a tiny street with the most amazing array of food stuff stores and wine and charcuterie bars.

Cocktails not a big thing here and aperitivo consists of gorgeous wine tastings and cured meat samplings as well as small sandwiches made with hams, salamis and dried beef, grilled veggies and cream of gorgonzola cheese. Above is a photo of a chef preparing small sandwiches to enjoy with a glass of vino. Meat meat meat…as well as the the most sublime gelato made with marscapone cheese and caramelized dried fig.

Worth the trip and well worth the calories. Bologna’s architecture along with it’s busy University energy was a treat all around. I’ll be sharing our food adventures every other friday or so (in between cookbook notes). Have a great weekend!

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