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Prop props props


With my workshop on the horizon, I have been in prop shopping overdrive. I went to visit my friend and decorator Brian Patrick Flynn at his new mountain house and after we lunched on the terrace over looking the Blue Ridge Mountains, we decided to do a little prop hunting. Brian for an upcoming project and me for my upcoming workshop and some upcoming food styling projects. Check out all my cool finds! I love the paper fans, and the bamboo bar set for my shoot for Camille Styles  blog next week. {can’t wait to share that photo shoot with you}

Make sure you see if you can spot any of these amazing prop finds in future styling projects I post. Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping to you all.

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Brian Patrick Flynn’s insanity + genius…#tbt

MG_0166_receipt_web I have noticed many people tagging and sharing “throw back Thursday” posts (#tbt if you will). I decided to join this thursday in conjunction with the 1 month birthday of the release (birth) of my cookbook Picture Perfect Parties. This was one of the wackiest and one of the most fun days I have had styling and cooking for a photoshoot. So here’s the story….

Long long ago, I befriended a very tall man by the name of Brian Patrick Flynn. (yes, he has a wikipedia page and he’s super duper tall). One day he asked if he could come over (4 years ago to be exact) and photograph me cooking in my kitchen for my family and friends, (he had heard I was pretty good at it) he said he was starting a blog (Decor Demon ) and wanted to feature some of the creatives in Atlanta. So I said sure. MG_0274_receipt_web The day started like all photo shoots… heavy with props, food and equipment. Brian arrived at the house full of energy (it was either the red bulls or his actual personality I could not tell since I did not know him well) with a beautiful and tiny cherub photographer Sarah Dorio in tow. He had some wild ideas of the shots to accomplish that day. A leap of faith made me believe he could do it … well, we could do it!!! MG_0376_receipt_web I had never worked with Brian and the truth is I didn’t really not know all that much about him. There was one thing I knew… he stalked me for about a year, yammering on about how he wanted to be a photo stylist. This was not the first time I had someone lurking around me to see what my world was all about (it’s pretty much how I find all my assistants:)). The funny thing about Brian is that he’s so damn tall, no matter how much he tried to lurk, he was always pretty easy to spot at events we both attended around town. Needless to say once we had a real conversation I was pretty damn smitten with this charming gent.

We had a great day and ever since he, Sarah and I are very good friends and respect each others talents tremendously. Brian has gone on to found and work in his own production company Flynnside Out, producing great content for HGTV Design Star, HGTV.com and Hayneedle to name a few. I am proud of Brian he’s the most hard working man in television and online.

Here are some more shots in my favorite place on earth (well almost, Italy probably wins) we all had the best day that day. I think you can glean that from the beautiful shots Sarah took that day. flatbread_film_web I might even say that shooting this feature gave me a little kick in the butt towards my goal of producing and writing my own cookbook, it’s funny how it’s really a collection of experiences and people that sometimes drive you to your goals. It’s pretty magical… thank you Brian xx

* side note, one of these photos wound up in my cookbook in the introduction…can you spot which one?


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For Your Style, I’d Walk a Mile with Brian Patrick Flynn

This week I’m giving you guys a sneak peek at a new series for the blog. Starting next year, I’ll be doing a series called “For Your Style, I’d Walk a Mile” where I ask brilliant creatives to answer the same set of questions. To kick things off, I thought who better than my friend Brian Patrick Flynn?

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie?
If there were ever to be a black comedy about my life, I think it would be amazing to have a jack-of-all-trades-actor playing the jack-of-all-trades-me. That being said, I would have to say that handsome, acting/singing/dancing tour de force Joseph Gordon-Levitt. From Saturday Night Live to 500 Days of Summer to Inception? Oy vey! What a talented mensch.

2. I wish I could…
Draw. Although much of my career is based on sketches, my “sketching” is subpar and somewhat kindergartener. When I see people whip out amazing pencil sketches,I’m in awe. The only things I draw well are cursive letters, particularly lower-case j’s, I am also very good at drawing conclusions.

3. My first style memory is…
When I was little, my dad – a realtor and real estate appraiser – would take me along on the weekends to appraise or show properties in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. When was 5-years-old I stepped inside a waterfront, modernist 1970s property which had been professionally decorated, it was packed with texture, geometrics. I remember thinking “This is what makes me happy.”

4. I could not live with out my…
The proper answer: Friends and family. The disappointing truth: My iPhone. Since my days are long and I travel extensively. It’s hard to comprehend exactly how much of my day-to-day routine depends on my iPhone. I find that my entire social and professional world relies on the proper functionality of my iPhone. 

5. I could live without…
Political Facebook status updates. OMFG, they drive me crazy. As far as Facebook goes, I just want to read someone’s sarcastic surmising of the latest episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo orThe Real Housewives of New York, 100% fluff, can’t hurt anyone, I also love going on Facebook to see creative people’s latest projects. Being serious on Facebook is such a buzzkill..

Pick a photo, décor object, or piece of clothing that defines your style:
This photo of my favorite LA project to date really sums up my style: colorful, graphic, layered and tailored yet carefree. It’s a tween girl’s bedroom It’s part modern, part traditional, Young but also adult appropriate. Overall it’s just really packed with personality and an “I-don’t-give-a-fuck-what-you-think” attitude. LIKE.

Check out more from Brian at his fabulous blog: Decor Demon
Check out his latest project here.

Thank you Brian and wishing you all a fabulous 2013!

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