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Bloody Monday Cocktail

Bloody Monday Cocktail Nothing like a sweet sip for Halloween. This cocktail is a dark and stormy elixir that will surely spook your guests.

Nothing like a little something bloody to start off the night…B O O !

Bloody Monday Cocktail
Serves 1

You will need:
– 1 oz Campari
– 1 oz Blood Orange Maraschino Cherry Syrup
– 1 oz Cinzano Rosso
– splash of club soda
– slice of blood orange for garnish

To prepare simple syrup & cocktail:

Combine the juice of one blood orange, 1/3 cup maraschino cherry juice, and 1/2 cup of water. In a small pot, bring the ingredients to a boil about 10 minutes, set aside to cool.

In a shaker filled with ice place all ingredients and shake vigorously until completely chilled and mixed. Strain into a coupe glass, garnish with a slice of blood orange.


Photo credit: Moi


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Annette’s Campari Spritz:: my new favorite Aperitivo cocktail


As you all know, I am a girl that loves a cocktail…my most recent obsession is the Campari Spritz.

I never knew there was such a thing until this summer when I was working on my second book in Italy. Recently, I decide to give it my own twist when I was creating a signature cocktail for a party.

A blood orange soda gave this cocktail the perfect balance. I love the bitterness of Campari, but most people don’t love it as much as I do. Voila! A little sweetness with the soda and boom! The perfect combination was born.

Annette’s Campari Spritz

You will need:
– 2 oz. Campari
– 1 oz  San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda, Available at World Market
– 1 oz. Prosecco
– Garnish with an orange wedge

To prepare:
In a stemmed glass, add ice cubes. Next, add campari, then orange soda, and top with Prosecco.

Serve with an orange wedge.

Cin cin!

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Campari Orange Sorbet with Pingnoli Cookies

Campari Sorbet

If you love Campari, you must try this recipe. If you don’t like or have never tried Campari (an Italian aperitivo/digestivo), you should!

Campari is bitter and an acquired taste, so that’s why you must try this recipe. It is simply incredible. I have convinced many people to try this and give Campari another chance. The pingnoli cookies are a recipe from an old friend’s Italian grandmother. She gave me the recipe many years ago written on a tiny piece of paper with just ingredients and no measures. I have honed the recipe over the years, and they are a great compliment to the Campari Sorbet or by themselves because they hold their own.

Campari Orange Sorbet
Serves 8

You will need: 
– 1 cup water
– 1 cup sugar
– 3 Tbsp. orange zest 3 oranges, I use a microplane
– 2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice (squeeze it yourself; it’s worth it)
– 3/4 cup Campari

To prepare:

In a sauce pan combine water, sugar and zest, making a simple syrup

Bring to a boil, turn off the heat and cool

Add Campari and orange juice to the syrup. You need to chill in the refrigerator at this point, the colder the better before adding it to the ice cream maker

Place into an ice cream maker and follow manufacturers instructions, place into a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap, put into the freezer until ready to serve.

*note this will be a soft sorbet because of the alcohol in the Campari, so chill overnight for best texture.

* this recipe should be made a day ahead

Pingnoli cookies
2 dozen cookies

You will need: 
– 1 cup toasted pine nuts
– 4 tablespoons olive oil -1 teaspoon to oil your hands
– ½ teaspoon salt
– 1 cup sugar
– 1 cup all purpose flour
– 2 egg whites, beaten
– 1 1/4 cup pinenuts (not toasted)

To prepare:

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F

Toast the pine nuts on a silpat and cookie sheet for about 3 minutes. Make sure to check on the nuts as they burn quickly. Remove when a caramel brown color and cool.

In the bowl of a food processor, place 1 cup toasted and cooled pine nuts and oil and salt. Pulse until paste forms, then add sugar and flour and egg whites, until a soft dough forms.

Place 1 ¼ cups pine nuts onto a plate.

Put about a ½ teaspoon of olive oil onto your hands.

With a spoon, scoop a spoonful of dough into your oiled hands roll into a ball, and then roll into the pine nuts, coating all sides.

Place slipat or parchment lined on a cookie sheet continue until the cookie sheet is filled, cookies should be about 2 inches apart. You will need 2 cookie sheets.

Bake for 20 to 22 minutes until golden brown, cool and plate.

* this recipe can be made ahead and stored in a Ziploc bag

Any other campari recipes I should know about? I’d love to hear your own recipes in the comments!

Recipe from : Picture Perfect Parties Rizzoli NY

Photo by: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

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Melon and Campari Popsicles | the perfect Aperitivo

IMG_4170Last week I tried a few recipes for boozy popsicles. Full disclosure: I make this recipe as a gelato, so I thought, “how could I turn it into a refreshing summer aperitivo on the Italian Riviera?”. Turn it into a pop, right?  We have aperitivo every night here, cocktails with a few nibbles. It’s a tradition that I am totally in love with.

Cantaloupe Campari Pops
Makes 10 pops


– 1 Cantaloupe, cut into pieces*
– 1 cup water
– 1 cup sugar
– 1/4 cup Campari

*Note: you can substitute 3-4 cups of passion fruit (about 15 passion fruits)


Make a simple syrup combining the sugar and the water using a small sauce pan on medium heat. Turn off the heat once it starts to boil and set aside to cool.

Blend the cantaloupe and the syrup in a bowl using a hand blender, or blender. Add the campari and put into popsicle molds*.

*Note: I like to pour the puree into the molds using a pitcher, it’s easier.

Freeze for at least 5 hours. Place into warm bath for about 30 seconds to unmold and wrap individually in parchment and place back into the freezer. They can be stored for up to a month, although ours are gone in a week.

I like to place a thumbs height of Campari in a pretty glass and place the pop into the glass, the melty pop mingles with the Campari to create a delicious and very Italian Apero.

Cin cin.

Recipe adapted from: People’s Pops

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Eric Hildebrand’s Cocktail of the Week

photography:Rebecca Woodman Taylor

Eric Hildebrand is the kind of entertaining expert that creates experiences.  Smart man that he is, he realizes that events are moments that allow you to connect and this extends way beyond just parties.  He crafts unique settings to support brands, products, and individual tastes. He’s a master of his trade and can create these events and experiences for anything from an elegant wedding to a large scale product launch. Trust me when I say that anyone who has that kind of range understands that its the little details that matter… and one of my favorite details is a signature drink. Thanks for sharing your delicious cocktail Eric (this is one we will be making again and again)!

Eric says:

There is nothing better then sitting back with friends and enjoying a classic cocktail during the summer months.  I have to admit, it was my best friend  and I who came up with this Italian Greyhound rendition.  This cocktail became “Italian”, as we were trying to stretch a few bar ingredients on hand.  We surprised ourselves with the outcome, stirred up a pitcher, and shared with our larger group of friends.  It was a big hit and I know it will be with your friends!  Cheers!

Italian Greyhound Cocktail

1.75 oz Absolute Ruby Red Vodka
.25 oz Campari
.5oz Monin Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup
2-3oz Grapefruit Juice, Freshly squeezed

Grapefruit Peel, garnish

Fill a collins glass with ice cubes or crushed ice.  Pour Ruby Red Vodka, Campari, and Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup and stir. Top with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.  Garnish with grapefruit peel.

*If you like your Italian Greyhound a TAD BIT SALTY; wet the rim of your Collin’s glass in freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and then dip into course salt.

*If you like CRUSHED ICE.  Place ice cubes in a cloth bag or sandwich between a folded kitchen towel.  Using a rolling pin, muddler, or meat mallet, crush ice.  The cloth bag or kitchen towel absorbs excess moisture, providing you with drier ice.

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