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candy apples!

If you are like me and candy apples are a total guilty pleasure, then you’ll love this collection of recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth. I love the classic candy-red apples for halloween parties. Who doesn’t love a nod to a “poison” apple? A little trivia… in the 60’s and 70’s there was a huge scare that candy apples given at Halloween might have pins and razors in them. Hospitals even offered free x-rays to check the apples! To this day there hasn’t been any real evidence and the scare has been chalked up to an urban legend. candyapples Candy apples aren’t just for fall festivals and trick or treating. If you use more natural elements (like twigs instead of dowels) it lends a beautiful and rustic touch to Thanksgiving dessert tables. These iconic apples are actually pretty versatile. Here are some of my favorite recipe picks:

From top to bottom, left to right: Red and green candy apples by A Beautiful Mess. / Dress up candied apples with chocolate and other fun toppings. / This Simplest Candy Apple recipe from Food 52 uses no food coloring and just a few ingredients. / These maple-candied apples from Sprinkle Bakes are really beautiful. / Salted Caramel apples by Martha Stewart, super elegant twist on the classic. / Caramel apples made with red wine? Sign me up.

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