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Eating Rome :: A Lovely Roman Morsel of a Book

eating rome I feel like I’ve known Elizabeth Minchilli for many years. Her book, “Restoring a Home in Italy”, was literally my bible when I built our home here in the states 15 years ago. You can imagine how thrilled I was when we started communicating about 7 years ago right about the time I started living in Italy in the summer. In 2010, Elizabeth’s book, “Italian Rustic”, was releasing, and she needed help arranging a book signing in Atlanta. It’s a long story, but I will just say that lucky for me, her Florida book signing fell through. I finally had the opportunity to meet her in person, and since then we have become friends.

I sat down this weekend to read her new book, “Eating Rome” (St. Martin’s Griffin). It’s a fun read! Even if you’re not planning a trip to Rome, it’s filled with sweet childhood recollections, and current observations about the changing landscape of the food culture in Italy.

I had a similar experience since my childhood was spent in Hungary every summer with my grandparents, and because of that experience, the changes in lifestyle all over the EU really resonated with me. Elizabeth touches on the fact that as the world becomes smaller with the internet, more “American” style supermarkets and shopping habits are becoming more common in Italy. The small vendors are being forced to close which to me, is a very sad state of affairs.

Like me, Elizabeth experienced a different Italy when she was a child of 12: a foreign way of life that was both exciting and exotic. Those days are pretty much over as the processed food aisles in super-mercatos become larger in Italy. The mom and pop shops are disappearing, even in the small town I live in on the Italian seaside. It’s what’s good and bad about the information age. Like Elizabeth, I love blogging and interacting with my social media friends and fans, however the cost of this worldwide web of communication may be the downfall of what we held so dear in our childhoods. For right now, though, there is still enough of the old school culture in Italy to keep us sustained.

I was lucky enough to get a little tour of Rome from Elizabeth last summer. When I arrived, she greeted me at her office in her neighborhood, Monti. We dropped my bag and headed to her favorite cheese shop for a cheesy lunch. I was quite surprised actually since I expected a lunch with several courses Italian style. But she ordered a lovely wine, and we had a great conversation over delicious, runny cheese and bread. Like my lunch, her book Eating Rome, is not what you’d expect. First off, it’s a small paperback book, perfect to throw into your suitcase and take along when you travel to Rome for the first time. It’s a handy guide book as well as a cookbook; it’s filled with Italian etiquette tips and quirky stories that will keep you entertained. It’s a knowledgeable and honest account of an American girl who fell in love with Rome. For all of you that write and ask me about where to eat in Rome, the short answer is to get this book. It’s obvious that Elizabeth’s love affair with Rome is still going strong. Eating Rome is a sweet love story packed with delicious information. Brava Elizabeth!


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Picture Perfect Parties now available for pre-order!

Since we’ve been discussing some of my favorite cookbooks every friday, I thought it only appropriate to mention that my first cookbook, Picture Perfect Parties, by Rizzoli NY is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Excited is an understatement. There really are few greater moments than seeing your book come to fruition (well maybe your baby coming into the world). I am so thrilled to be able to share little bits and pieces leading up to the October 1st release. Please feel free to pre-order your cookbook, and I am excited to see all of you this fall on my US book tour… can’t wait to meet all my virtual friends on the road!!!  Creating this book was a pleasure and a career highlight, can’t wait to share all my effortless entertaining recipes and stylist tips. Let me know what you think of the cover?!

Have a great weekend everyone. So much to celebrate this week! Speaking of babies… my daughter Alex is graduating from law school this weekend (!) and my son Levi is coming home from his freshman year in Austin TX. We will all be together as a family!!! We’ll certainly be doing many toasts. So proud. xo

Of course I want to thank Hugh Acheson for the amazing foreword as well as Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP for her kind words on the back of the book. Wait until you see the amazing book trailer. It should be up on the blog in a few weeks! How’s that for a teaser?

Buy my book here

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Tear Sheets: Sweet Auburn Cookbook

Last week I mentioned the fabulous Sweet Auburn Desserts Cookbook. We shot this book in my home and it was such a treat to not only get to work with Sonya, but also to get to sample all of the amazing recipes. I’m telling you, working on a cookbook is not diet friendly! My friend Deborah shot the book (she’s also shooting my book for Rizzoli!) and she did an incredible job. It was such a fun team. You can pick up your copy here.

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Design Inspiration Friday: Fishs Eddy NYC

As most of you know I am writing my first cookbook (SO EXCITED). When I was in NYC a few weeks ago for The Today Show I had just enough free time to buy some fresh “proppage” for my upcoming cookbook photo shoots. One of my all time favorite go to prop destinations is Fishs Eddy in New York City. After a yummy lunch at Manzo at Eatly, with my Rizzoli Editor I wandered over for a peek.This visit did not disappoint me. I found all sorts of interesting elements and paper products to use on my upcoming shoots.

Last week was the first of many photoshoots for my cookbook, out fall 2013 from Rizzoli Books. So far it’s been a career highlight to create all the beautiful imagery for my own book. I hope to share more of my prop resources in the upcoming months (and of course there will be all my go to resources in the back of my book, yes all the secret ones as well, how’s that for a teaser?). Stay tuned for lots of behind the scenes. Follow me on Twitter at @AJSTYLIST for up to date behind the scenes photos. To check me out on The Today Show, click here.

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