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Coca-Cola Workshop, a sweet afternoon!


When I was contacted by Coca-Cola to conduct a workshop what can I say? I was thrilled.

We are a Coke family. My kids and my husband only consume Coke products, a true family of the South. I grabbed everything out of my prop stash, headed to a studio in King Plow and brought all sorts of food stuffs and goodies to play with. Coke delivered cans and bottles of Coke.

My group arrived, and we were off and running. I have to say that teaching is really something I love. I love sharing all my years of styling knowledge; I find it exciting and fulfilling. For years I worked as a photo stylist, never imagining myself here teaching and mentoring young stylists.

As you read this, I am in London teaching a tabletop styling class at Summerill and Bishop’s new school. It’s funny where your personal journey takes you, isn’t it?

IMG_4629-e1442521600448 IMG_4630-e1442521487658 Coke Workshop

IMG_4631-e1442521457734 IMG_4606-e1442521318577-690x690

My Italian Riviera Style+Photo Workshop will be posting next month, so follow my Style+Workshop Instagram for the registration announcement. Don’t hesitate to sign up once it’s up! I have a feeling it’s going to fill-up fast, since the West Elm Workshop sold out in 48 hours, and Marrakech in record time, too.

See you at the next workshop adventure! xx


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