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Tear Sheets: Styling Shelves

top row: 1/2 bottom row: 3

Here are some of my basic rules of thumb when styling shelves. One of the easiest ways to pull the look together is with repetition: repeat the same colors and shapes. At my home in Italy (top left) you can see that I repeated the star fish and vases to give the look consistency. I also used a similar color palette (lots of pops of white) but I love adding a jolt of color, like that turquoise globe. You can see that I practice what I preach!

I also swear by putting “like with like,” using books in the same height with a similar color scheme (as seen top right with the blue books) or layering in a collection of bowls or glass bottles (as seen on the bottom). These are just a few of my rules for styling shelves. I always like to keep things fresh but these guidelines work every time.

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