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bringing an outdoor party in

CCK_7030 When my friend Craig Kettles told me about a party he recently hosted to celebrate the 10th birthday of his home, I had to share. Craig invited 130 people over for a backyard party. Only problem? It began down pouring minutes before his guests arrived. Sometimes when we’re throwing parties our best intentions have to take a back seat to rain, unexpected catastrophes (knocked over cake, anyone?), and the like. Thinking on your feet when party planning is a must! Here’s Craig’s clever plan b CCK_7032 CCK_7024 “The event was supposed to be outside, but an unexpected rain forced the desserts and bar inside. The remainder of the food was served in stations in our carport attached to the home by a covered walk. To compensate for the location change, I presented the desserts as if they had just been made and I had run out of time (which was almost the truth!).” – Craig

The menu:

lemon basil vodka shooters to welcome guests
paninis – tallegio cheese, pancetta, arugua & fig jam
memphi tacos – bbq & coleslaw from Taqueria Del Sol recipe
tomato & watermelon soup
espresso brownies
chocolate chip cookies
CCK_7028 CCK_7041

pretty brilliant! thanks for sharing craig!

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