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Cookbook 12: Dolci

I am settling back into my routine after returning from a month at our home in Italy. So much girl time, so much fun. Now it’s’s back to the grind and I’m hitting the ground running with projects for Sublime Donuts (lots of yummy shots on my instagram) and HGTV. More soon! Back to cookbooks… my hubby ran across this fantastic cookbook of Italian Desserts, Francine Segan’s DOLCI: ITALY’S SWEETS. The book is a gorgeous, illustrated collection of authentic Italian dessert recipes. With this book as a guide, Segan takes you on a tour of Italy with recipes for cookies, cakes, pastries, pudding, frozen confections and more from all regions of Italy.

One of the most interesting desserts is from Lucca, a sweet spinach pie, only made on Easter. The best part about eating in Italy is the unique regionality of all the cuisine. Pick up this cookbook and add it to your collection. I have! Ciao buon appetito!

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