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Eataly: Revisited


Many years ago I was really excited to visit a big food emporium in Italy called EATALY, way before it became a chain (read about my first experience here). With all good things, sometimes people don’t know when to leave well enough alone!

Frank and I were in Turin last week (see here and here) so why not stop by and get my Eatlay fix?  Since my first visit, Eataly has opened locations all over Italy as well as in New York (I had the pleasure of eating lunch there a while back).

Unfortunately, while my first visit left me breathless, my second visit not so much. They still have the staples of Italy in full force, however the stock seemed unchanged and lacking in imagination this time.

I hate it when a good thing becomes watered down. Alas, I left Eataly a little disappointed. I hate writing this and I hated feeling this way wandering the store, but don’t despair, this was just a blip in the radar screen of good food in Italy. I have been having mostly fantastic food experiences but sadly Eataly just was not one of them! Have you been? What were your thoughts?



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