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For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Ginny Branch

Ginny Branch is a prop and wardrobe stylist but, more accurately, a romantic with an affection for seeking out beautiful moments and vignettes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ginny and I love that she is such a lovely lady with a free spirit. She rocks her own, unique style which I can always appreciate. She also pens the “What’s in your toolbox?” column over at Design Sponge. One of my favorites. Take it away, Ginny.

1.Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Emma Stone. I like that she’s so goofy and loveable! I want her to be my best friend in real life.

2.I wish I could…
Drive on highways 🙂 And I wish I could go back to having silver hair. And live in New York 6 months out of the year.

3.My first style memory is…
Flipping through my sister Amy’s dogeared copies of Vogue and Marie-Claire when I was a wee one. And attempting her Cindy Crawford workout tapes.

4.I could not live with out my….
My sweet, sweet husband, beagles, family, and friends. And maybe pinterest.

5.I could live without…
The Great Recession. Over it. Wishing good will and good fortune for all in 2013!

Pick a photo or décor objet, or piece of clothing that defines your style.

This is just a photo from my instagram of a bridal shoot I styled involving several varieties of champers. The colors are so luscious- quiet neutrals with a hint of blush!

Thanks, Ginny!

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