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Design Inspiration Friday: Set the Table with Hayneedle

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Let me just say that I am so thankful for all of YOU. Thank you for all of your love and support this year. It means a lot! As far as Thanksgiving goes, I like to create a menu, prepare for days in advance and then enjoy the day once it is here. One of my favorite resources is Hayneedle.com. I can always find a great deal on some really great glass + serve ware, home decor, accessories, you name it! I thought it would be fun to put together a Thanksgiving table with lots of color, natural elements and great ways to present those beautiful pies and cheese plates!

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    wooden party platter/ cordial glasses/ butter dish/ cheese dome/ ruffled cake plate/ party napkins/ flatware/ maple salad servers

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  • Room Service Atlanta

    I had the honor of helping out this year with Room Service Atlanta, brainchild of Erika Ward and Dayka Robinson. This organization is in its infancy and from what I witnessed well on its way to super stardom. I was asked to design a room for a young man in transition at The Untied Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur, Georgia. Along with 16 local designer’s we made these very institutional dormitories into a well designed and lovely living space for each and every young man to enjoy.

    I reached out some of the great folks in my circle for some donations. Much to my surprise no one said no. Hayneedle a company I have worked for in the past, was so giving, they donated without question. This super cool sofa and super plush rugs and kitchenette arrived and fit so perfectly. Posh Tots was the next on board, giving us a much needed dresser for the bedroom.

    My last call was to my friends at IKEA, Atlanta. They went above and beyond. Deidra was a lifesaver. IKEA filled in the blanks and finished off the room perfectly with a bed, mattress, bedding, lighting, shelving, bathroom accessories, and incredible artwork and textiles! Not to mention tricking out the kitchenette area with dishes and flatware and containers.

    Photographs: Christina Wedge Photography

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    Summer Family Fun

    There is no better way to enjoy your family and have some fun than relaxing by the pool.  You can make it competitive by introducing some fun group games like cornhole.  Introduce colorful beanbags to make it festive! Arrange the colored beanbags in cool baskets as party décor (that keeps you organized).


    Use chalkboards to keep score and make up fun team names and award winners fun prizes and ribbons. You can find chalkboard paint at your local hardware store and paint any surface easily.

    Stack up pretty towels and waterproof pillows so that your guests are comfortable when they’re not competing in yard games! They’ll be able to catch some rays while they take a break.  Stacks of magazines will keep them occupied as well.

    If they’ve worked up a sweat you can keep them cool with a Southern treat, Coca Colas in glass bottles. Serve them with little bowls of peanuts so that people can help themselves throughout the afternoon. Or if people are feeling very Southern, they can drop a few peanuts in their coke for a fizzy treat. Organize it all on a cute tray.  Always make sure that everyone feels at home while visiting. Casual snacks and buckets of drinks filled with ice will make sure that no one goes home hungry. Be creative and use a planter as an ice bucket. Plus it will look really cute, which is the half the fun of entertaining!

    Keep checking out my life and style tips on Hayneedle throughout the summer. I’m sharing lots of creative ideas (and stylist secrets) that will help you entertain your friends and family in style!


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    what is takes to produce a series of one minute videos {a love letter to my new staff}

    notes notes notes then some more notes
    wardrobe for 19 shots
    props props for each segment {photo by justin williams}

    producing is an art form, as my staff learned this week. we had {19-1 minute} videos to produce in 2 days. yep, that’s right, 19.

    i looked at this experience as a way to teach my new assistants what producing entails. i love that they both are so enthusiastic to learn about styling and producing, so…
    blissfully they signed on to put the whole production together.

    when you have been producing like i have for over 20 years you take for granted the main frame computer you call your brain.
    watching their process of producing each segment, was at times painful, but in the end very satisfying. they did a great job!… managing 400 moving parts? well, as Emily said to me “it’s tough, but it’s not boring”. exactly.

    what does it take to be a stylist and a producer? i always hear “it must be so glamorous!”
     oh yeah! check out this list Continue reading

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