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where we live

In Italy we live in a flat that was once a monastery. About 10 years ago it was purchased and converted into vacation homes. We have loved living in our lovely beach town and now we are making a move.

A month ago we put our flat on the market. We are moving on to a home renovation. You know I am a girl who loves a project and this one is a big one. I will be blogging about our progress, as many of you saw in April that I was house hunting. I am heading back in June for the summer with my husband to show him what I have in mind. Good thing he’s a good sport! In the meantime if you have not seen where we live in Italy, here’s a tour! 38fba97a067d2b8cd8b50787b1cab8a2 a21865c9f5f2d9a2682dfcfa6f1d189c    f61bc45a11badb6bf79cef7ac48538c1 5527dc058ef0ba6e99b117e6b97340e6 e4511bb2643583ce8e4e610d9c884aff a1ab8c2c7f0610bdbbc92a673029bb00 10d3f24c91b2c6de1cbd1c3be51ca122 1123a48547f495db6019118ba68f53de bb86eddece0787cef51f259eded8e415 36eeed13ee19b17ce060de17b044ac39 0dbeff235d5e07ed27de9d373ee43e2c f83b50c13ca7d46738b9335f51601290

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