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Creativity with Cooking:: Ikea Hemsmak Collection

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It’s no secret that I love Ikea. From their paper shop to their kitchens, I am a huge fan and shop there frequently for shoots as well as my own home. I love the shop’s Swedish roots and the fact that they really challenge themselves to bring even better items to the shelves time and time again. Most recently, they’ve blown me away with their Hemsmak Collection; a collection of beautiful jars, bottles, and containers.




Ikea says that this collection was inspired by people using the resources around them. As home herb gardens become more prevalent and more and more people choose to can their own veggies and make their own jellies and jams, I can see this limited edition collection being a huge hit.There’s just something to be said for using your own garden to create a beautiful meal for friends and loved ones, and Ikea’s Hemsmak items will help you do this and so much more. I especially love their pickling jars because jars are just so versatile in the styling world (see my favorite uses for jars here).  I also have visions of adorable prop styling with their tin buckets and containers.

Head to your local Ikea now or find this collection on their site. I know you’ll find something you can’t live without, and let me know when you do.

xx, Annette

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