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House Hunting in Italy part five


Everyone has been asking me since I returned from my summer in Italy if we found a house.??!??

If only it were that easy. As I have said in past posts, finding a house in Italy is a mission, it’s like the holy grail. My friend Heike and her husband looked for 15 years before they found their dream home. This is not Under the Tuscan Sun folks, this is real life! In Italy one might fall in love with several homes only to find that after spending money time and emotional energy the house of their dreams is not for sale, because 2 of the 12 siblings that own it are not interested in selling.

It’s true, Frank and I were sure that we were buying the most amazing house in our town last year! Only to find out the man showing the house, one of the owners I might add, did not have the permission to sell it to us, from his sisters, brother in laws and cousins. They had no idea he was showing us the house. So buyer beware is how one proceeds in Italy.

Not only are the laws complicated about buying property but one must make extra sure who is selling the property, plus if it’s all the parties who own the house interested in selling. Since everything worth having in Italy is passed down to many generations. As Americans it is impossible to wrap our head around this complicated process. Even after living in Italy for 7 years having bought property there I’m still surprised by how daunting it is.

Even finding a real estate agent the is kosher and motivated in Italy is a challenge. Here in the states if you put the word out that you want to buy a home, agents will be showing you homes until you drop. In Italy you have to beg them to take you to look at properties. It’s so chill that at times I wanted to throw in the towel. So it’s not like in the movies. I did see many properties this summer, just none that really felt like home. So to answer your question, no we did not find a house this summer, so the search will continue next year, for now a little break is welcome.

Here’s the last batch of photos I took, the first property is a small borgo (village) of 4 buildings, the owners really let it go, and the only thing that was well cared for is their horse that grazed on the property. I was really put off that the poor horse had to hang out day after day alone on this abandoned property, it really put me off, and the only thing I wanted to buy was the horse.




The second property was the Villa I had already looked at, I went back to see the second floor which was not opened last time we toured the home. Typical the house is owned by 2 sisters, who hate each other, and so when we came back we met the other sister and she unlocked her side of the Villa, I am serious everything plays like an Italian soap opera when you start delving into real estate.

I am still not convinced that the Villa is not wonderful, Frank and I will visit again in the spring. One thing that does make house hunting pleasant in Italy is that since the agents are chill, property does not move quickly and chances are Frank and visit every single property I did this summer.




I am optimistic it’s out there, our Italian Farmhouse…it’s waiting for us…When we find it you’ll be the first to know. Ciao for now xx

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