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For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Anna Walker-Skillman

Today we have the lovely and stylish Anna Walker-Skillman. Anna owns one of my favorite galleries in Atlanta: Jackson Fine Art. She has been a loyal and active participant in the arts community for the last 12 years. In 1993, Anna moved to Atlanta to manage the studio of famed Atlanta artist Todd Murphy. After working with Mr. Murphy to establish his career for five years, Anna turned to photography and joined Jackson Fine Art in 1998. In March of 2003, she purchased Jackson Fine Art from Jane Jackson who became curator of the prestigious and renowned collection of Sir Elton John. As the gallery director and co-curator for the past five and half years, she is honored to have the opportunity to continue a reputation of excellence in exhibiting photography by both emerging and established artists. With a focus on a blend of 20th century and contemporary work, she promises to continue her commitment to Atlanta to educate collectors and art enthusiast as well as exhibit and support leading photographers locally, nationally and internationally. Ms. Walker resides in Decatur with her husband, Ben, and two children. Take it away, Anna!

1.Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Michelle Williams

2.I wish I could…
Live a year in Paris

3.My first style memory is…
my grandmother, Fanny Bird Jones, a socialite of Atlanta blindfolding me at Christmas to take me into Saks Fifth Ave to try on dresses for my Christmas present. Little did she know you could see under the blindfold!

4.I could not live with out my….

5.I could live without…
my email

a photo that inspires you:

I am drawn to Natalie’s unique style and simplicity that appears effortless. She is a classic beauty. It was as if Steve captured her almost as an angel forecasting that her heaven’s fate. She is stunning and translucent.

photograph: Natalie Wood New York 1963 by Steve Schapiro courtesy of Jackson Fine Art

Jackson Fine Art is located at 3115 East Shadowlawn Ave in Buckhead.

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