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Off to Mykonos!

Hello from Mykonos, Greece! We have been going here almost every summer for 20 years. The island was introduced to us by friends in our party youth, and we have loved it ever since. If you haven’t been to Mykonos, put it on your travel list. It’s a very rustic island, filled with beautiful people, known as the party island to most. We have since lost touch with our party pals, but a few years ago, we were lucky to meet our now dear friends Jerry and Adonis (that’s me with them above). They are the perfect hosts, and have the most beautiful home on the island, in fact their pool was named one of the sexiest pools in the world by Travelers Magazine, Conde Nast. August 2009. It truly is amazing. You can check it out here!

The last time we were in town Jerry and Adonis took us to Kiki’s. This is now my favorite place to eat in the world. The restaurant is teeny tiny and very famous! Jet setters from all over the world eat here, it’s just amazing food. Kiki’s is perched on a steep hill in a tranquil residential part of the island overlooking a quiet little beach.

Simple food, done the right way. Everything is seasoned with local herbs and roasted on an open flame. Word on the street is that until a couple of years ago Kiki’s used only a wood burning grill and hauled ice up the hill to ice down the perishables. There was no electricity until then.

The salads are fresh and full of flavor. My favorite are the vinegary sardines, done is a typical pickled Scandinavian style. The story is the when Kiki was young she came to Greece via Sweden with her girlfriend. Once they got a look at the beautiful dark Greek fishermen they never left. Kiki started feeding the locals and the rest is history. My husband thinks that a producer probably heard the story of these young Swedish ladies and pitched the Mama Mia story to a scriptwriter for the play, which became the Hollywood blockbuster. He is probably not far off with his theory.

Have a great weekend everyone! All of you traveling for the fourth, stay safe and have a blast!

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