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Creativity with Cooking:: Ikea Hemsmak Collection

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It’s no secret that I love Ikea. From their paper shop to their kitchens, I am a huge fan and shop there frequently for shoots as well as my own home. I love the shop’s Swedish roots and the fact that they really challenge themselves to bring even better items to the shelves time and time again. Most recently, they’ve blown me away with their Hemsmak Collection; a collection of beautiful jars, bottles, and containers.




Ikea says that this collection was inspired by people using the resources around them. As home herb gardens become more prevalent and more and more people choose to can their own veggies and make their own jellies and jams, I can see this limited edition collection being a huge hit.There’s just something to be said for using your own garden to create a beautiful meal for friends and loved ones, and Ikea’s Hemsmak items will help you do this and so much more. I especially love their pickling jars because jars are just so versatile in the styling world (see my favorite uses for jars here).  I also have visions of adorable prop styling with their tin buckets and containers.

Head to your local Ikea now or find this collection on their site. I know you’ll find something you can’t live without, and let me know when you do.

xx, Annette

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Swoonworthy: Ikea Sektion Kitchen



As you know, I love a good Ikea find, so when I saw Ikea’s latest kitchen endeavor, I immediately swooned. The Ikea SEKTION kitchen has clean lines, and the beautiful hardware options had me at hello. Plus, the ability to add interior organization is simply brilliant. This kitchen boasts drawers within drawers and is completely customizable. Stunning!

The new modular kitchen, which will replace the current kitchen system AKURUM, enables customers to create truly customizable solutions, regardless of the size and shape of their kitchen space. SEKTION offers new features such as more modularity and integrated lighting, giving homeowners options to create a beautiful, quality kitchen at a great price.

Starting February 2nd, SEKTION will be available in a variety of colors and styles from traditional to modern and everything in between making it truly swoonworthy!

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Style Pin 03 – Styling a kitchen

Let’s talk about styling a kitchen today.
aaf2f096735bde252de6bd23af5bbc96 As most of you know by now I’ve been styling and training stylists for 20 years. One of the easiest lessons in teaching assistants is to have them style a white kitchen. It’s an effective tool to start learning about composition and styling any room (in other words “where to put the props” for the camera). To produce a kitchen shoot, once again, less is more. In the case of a white kitchen, pops of color are key.

This week’s styling lesson: this is a kitchen I styled for Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine. I like this photo because with minimal proppage I achieved the desired effect. You notice all the bells and whistles in the kitchen and the living things add life and warmth to the room and just the right pop of color. trinagle Pick a color: 1 or maybe 2. If you’re going with two colors make sure they are complimentary, also make sure one is the dominant color. Like the YELLOW (dominant) and green (secondary) in this example.

Make a color triangle  aka “The Magic Triangle”: When deciding where to place colorful props, use my color triangle rule. Place props in a triangle in the frame of the lens (note: it does not need to be a perfect triangle it just needs to be 3 color focal points that form a triangle of some sort). This is where’s it’s important to look at the capture (definition: capture is an image that you snap. It’s either on the back of the camera or on your computer monitor if you’re tethered to the camera). You should be able to draw a triangle from all the pops of color in the props. Move the props until you see the triangle of color through the lens and on your image. Snap the photograph et voila!

* note the magic triangle is a training tool. eventually you will steer away from this rule, but you will notice in your styling it will show up on it’s own once styling becomes intuitive. just for fun look at some of your favorite interiors photos and see if you can spot the magic triangle.

Don’t over prop: the biggest mistake I see with designers styling their own rooms, is that they forget to edit and place too many props in the room. Over propping creates a photograph with lots of static or what some may call “noise.”  There is no where to rest your eye. Here’s a great example of over propping: 799d2b354bb9e0ecc2166b6131fcd2c8

I feel like one of those hats and half of the items on the bench could go and you’d still have the same overall effect.

Want to see more examples of photos done right? Follow me on pinterest!

Let me know how it goes, I love to here from you! Feel free to ask me styling questions, I will answer them as soon as I can.

Happy Styling! xx

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modern farmhouse renovation

Painted Porches Hello from NYC! If you follow me on instagram then you’ll know I’m taking in the city that never sleeps and tonight I will be at Room and Board in Soho for a book signing. Can’t wait. If you’re in NYC, come and say hello! Wanted to pop in and share this Modern Farmhouse renovation that I styled for HGTV. You can read the entire article here with tons more photos including all of the before’s!This is the home of Lesley and Sam Graham. Lesley helps manage my website and it was so fun to be able to shoot her kitchen together. She started this full renovation when her baby was five weeks old! For the shoot I brought in plenty of fresh flowers in bold blues and reds for the outdoor party theme. Lesley loves indoor plants, so I also incorporated some of those into the mix. Lots of local beer and colas were on set and West Elm really delivered. We used a lot of their Market line, which really fit the vintage modern vibe of the kitchen. They used IKEA cabinets and did the entire thing for under $10,000! The incomparable Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn shot the room and did an amazing job. We love Deborah. Wish me luck tonight! I’ll be sharing a fun Thanksgiving project tomorrow. xx

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Tear Sheets: Better Homes and Gardens May 2013

I love a white kitchen and this beauty is one of my favorites. I love that island! Gorgeous, right?! The couple took a really green approach to designing their kitchen. They used wood from storm-damaged trees, local granite, and formaldehyde-free cabinets. They also wanted to keep the kitchen looking old and full of character even though it was new. I think they did a really incredible job of marrying the two.

The homeowner is the President of FLOR, I thought it very interesting that they live in such a traditional home. Very traditional, I always find it super interesting to see how interior manufacturers live. I expected a very modern filled with FLOR home, but only the upstairs had custom FLOR tiles in the bedrooms. These custom tiles eventually made it into the current line. Don’t you just love these insider secrets? It’s part of the reason I really love my job!


photos by rob brinson

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