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For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Kristina Gill

Kristina Gill is the food and drinks editor at Design Sponge and food photographer, based in Rome, Italy. She is also a food assistance adviser, providing strategic advice on a portfolio of humanitarian food aid in Italy (which is what she’s doing in the meeting in the photo!). Kristina is smart and funny and I am thrilled to have her here with us today. Take it away, Kristina!

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Can we send out scripts to more than one person? Tracee Ellis Ross because I love her hair, Queen Latifah because she has rock-solid self-esteem, Sanaa Lathan because she’s been in many of my favorite movies, and Tichina Arnold because she is hilarious. I’d be happy if any of them accepted. Ha!

2. I wish I could…
Live six months of the year in Sydney, three months in New York, and three months traveling to different places to see how other people live. I probably should have been an anthropologist.

3. My first style memory:
When I was five, I had a pair of red Snoopy tennis shoes that I absolutely LOVED. I remember I had a pair of light colored corduroy bell bottoms that I also thought were cool. I wore those shoes with them because I thought they matched. They probably didn’t because it was the ’70s, and I dressed myself.

4. I couldn’t live without…
It’s a given that family and friends and pets are the most important presences in my life. But aside from those, I could not live without my passport and podcasts. I always tell myself I’m going to stay put and focus on where I am, but the first chance I get I plan a trip, and often unexpected work travel crops up. Podcasts help me know more about the places I’m going, plan the places I’d like to see, and learn more about so many things. I’m addicted to travel and learning!

5. I could live without…
Climate change.

Pick a photo that defines your style:

I took this photo at Bronte beach this June in Australia. During the time I was there was Sydney’s worst downpour in years. I was determined to get pictures of the ocean. I took this with a film camera and needed both hands to take the shot. The wind was crazy, I got soaked from head to toe. It never occurred to me to give up despite the awful weather. That’s my style.

portrait of kristina by Giulio d’Adamo

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