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Flea-ing and Finding Workshop with Lisa Burnett

Ciao guys! If you followed my instagram stories, you know that I spent a week last month showing Lisa Burnett from Innerpieces around the Italian countryside and the seaside. Lisa is an antiques dealer in Atlanta. I have been buying from her for almost 20 years, and she has a warehouse and shows at Scotts and Americasmart, as well as Roundtop. She’s the real deal. She has an amazing eye and the best part is the after such a long relationship, I now call her a dear friend. When I proposed doing a flea market tour here in Italy, she jumped at the chance, so here we are planning her workshop for 2019.

We will have her here for 5 days of flea-ing, picking and honing your eye. If you’re interested, email me annette@annettejosephstyle.com. We are almost sold out, and we don’t even have a date yet. We are zeroing in on early September of 2019 because it is the best time of year in this area, the Lunigiana. We will be posting registration in November for 2019 workshops here at La Fortezza , so stay tuned!

Forrest and I showed Lisa so many wonderful places. We will be putting together an amazing list of activities, including a cooking lesson, and of course dinner and a movie on the terrace. Keep an eye on the blog for more information coming your way soon. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from our excursion last week.

xx Annette

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Prop Stylist Resource :: Inner Pieces

photo 2 What did I say??? Why did I say it? Oh yes… the year of sharing my knowledge. I guess I must come clean about some of my secret resources. I feel like you’ll have to tear this one from my cold dead hands… just kidding (kind of). As you all know I shop for a living, that’s what a prop stylist does. Whenever a another stylist shares a resource publicly I just cringe, and now I am doing it. I know! I’ve lost my mind. photo 5 This year of sharing makes it obligatory don’t cha think? I know what you’re saying “YES YES YES tell me!!!!,” so here you go. I have been going to the Lisa Burnett’s Inner Pieces warehouse for 15 years. I always go when a shipment arrives, not when Lisa is at Scotts. photo 1 photo 3 When I met Lisa we hit it off instantly and she quickly invited me to her “off the beaten path” warehouse in nowhere land. When I walked in for the first time I really had to have a moment to catch my breath. It’s exactly like walking into a big stall in L’Isle sur la Sorgue. It’s truly a mini vaca. Part of the reason I am coming clean is that Lisa just launched a website. It’s true, she’s never had one. That is one of the wonderful things about Lisa, she is so old school and so European. Well not anymore! Am I happy? Well yes… sort of. 😉

Lisa shops in the South of France and picks some of the most gorgeous and outrageous things. She then stacks all of the crunchy goodies in her industrial space right here in Atlanta. As you all know I have shopped the flea markets in the South of France many many times and I am here to tell you she really gets the best stuff from the markets there. Take it from me. photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 Did I mention that Lisa is super clever at re-purposing? She’s awesome at making coffee tables out of found objects, light fixtures and mirrors, her upholstery is stellar, and she’s great at helping you figure out what to do with unique market finds.

I found these amazing oyster baskets they were tough to use for storage so Lisa had liners made for them, cool huh? They are a perfect for my linens collection. LOVE them. photo 9 photo 10 Fun Fact:: Parts of Picture Perfect Parties (my cookbook) was shot in her warehouse. If you look in the fall/winter chapters of my book you’ll see it for yourself. PicturePerfectParties_p167_breadpudding Okay kids check it out let me know what you think and you’re welcome. Yep I’m a giver 🙂 Look for Lisa at Scotts every month or stop by her warehouse I am sharing you Lisa because I love you…..xx 2014-02-23_09-44-18

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