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Lunigiana, a weekend in Tuscany


My dear sweet friend Forrest and his partner live in Genova and in the Lunigana over the summer months. Lunigiana is in the northern region of Tuscany, I have written about all this before check here.

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This weekend I was invited to spend the weekend. We spent the weekend relaxing and exploring, cooking and eating, walking the dogs, and a little house hunting as well. Forrest is trying to convince me that I should have an open mind and look in the region of Italy he loves so much. So I thought why not, after all as you all know I have an open mind.

IMG_4655 IMG_4653

There were some amazing places to discover and explore. We stopped by a gorgeous Borgo (this is a village that surrounds a castle and Lunigiana is a region with many, many castles). I think this might be a selling point. After all… who doesn’t love a castle, right? Every Borgo has a church or several and I fell in love with this little beauty!

IMG_4716 IMG_4721 IMG_4725 IMG_4723

After a morning walking all over we headed back to Forrest ‘s amazing home and I made some risotto for us with some local mushrooms that were picked in the forest behind Forrest ‘s home (I love that). The recipe you can find right here. So good.

Forrest is in the midst of opening his own tour service. Your Italian Concierge. Once he launches his site I will let you know. We had an amazing weekend and a wonderful time.

I am heading back end of the month for a party and some more house hunting so stay tuned. More adventures to come. In the meantime if you want to follow my travels, check me out on Instagram, for a more day to day view of my adventures.
Ciao until next time! xx

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