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Tobi Fairley’s Cocktail of the Week

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Tobi Fairley is an interior designer whose aesthetic has been praised and published by some of the best shelter magazines out there. She keeps things simple and fresh, but don’t let that fool you. She’s also a business whiz (she has an MBA from the Sam M. Walton School of Business.) That means she is left brained, and right brained, not to mention really adorable. she’s also the founder of a cool Design Camp, that’s about to get started, have a peek.

Thanks Tobi, for taking the time to whip up this tasty cocktail recipe! and good luck with your design camp! Happy camping!

Fresh Peach Margaritas

I love using fresh Arkansas Peaches for creating this Southern summer treat. I’m looking forward to warmer days and time spent at the lake to enjoy these sweet sippers with friends.

4 ounces silver tequila
2 ounces of Peach Schnapps
Lime juice to taste
2 tablespoons of sugar + 1 extra tablespoon for the glass rim
1 peeled peach
1/2 cup ice

Place the ingredients in blender and puree. If the mixture is too thick, you can add water. Use the lime to wet the rim of your glass and then coat with the sugar.

**(We were really excited to see that former Cocktail of the Week contributor, Susanna Salk, will be Skyping in to the May session of Design Camp A to Z to talk about her new book and her inspiration. Everyone that attends the camp will also receive a copy of “Be Your Own Decorator.” Awesome!) Click this link to find out more info on the upcoming session May 16-18: Design Camp

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Vanessa Rocchio’s Cocktail of the Week

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Vanessa Rocchio is a hot Texas Red Head who has worked for Southern Living Magazine for 23 years. She wears many hats (not just a cowgirl hat), she styles food, develops recipes, and writes a column for Southern Living called Quick Fix Suppers. Besides all of those amazing talents, she is also one of my favorite dinner dates and drinking partners and has a hellava sense of humor (which includes pranking me!) Her weekly column has also been turned into a cookbook Quick Fix Supper, which will have a ton of her tips for making dinner quick and yummy. Look for her on QVC this Sunday, April 22nd between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., where she’ll be promoting books for Southern Living (and hopefully sharing secrets and telling stores like only she can).

When she’s not busy being a mom to her son (who cooks with her…adorbs!), teaching cooking classes, or working with the Cub Scouts…she likes to kick back with a margarita. She is a Texas girl, after all.

Pretty in Pink Margarita

2 Tbsp. good tequila
2 tsp. grenadine
3 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
1 to 2 tsp. good honey (if you want it sweeter…I like it tart)

Shake in ice…and serve COLD. Garnish with lime slice and cherry. Make it in measurements…or a dab of this and a dab of that. Drink and have fun.


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